Hollywood Needs a Favor
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Hollywood Needs a Favor

Mario Maurako is sitting at his desk, reviewing financials following HOW’s War Games. Then there is a knock at the door. Mario places a nearby folder over the top of the documents and calls for the door.


Mario Maurako: Come on in.


The door opens and Brian Hollywood enters, and Mario goes to stand up to greet him.


Brian Hollywood: Don’t get up on my account. I only plan on taking a few seconds of your time.


Mario Maurako: Fair enough.


Mario leans back in the chair, making himself comfortable.


Mario Maurako: What can I do for you Brian?


Brian Hollywood: I’ve come to ask you a favor.


Mario Maurako: I’m listening.


Brian Hollywood: It seems as if you’ve been wielding your newfound power a lot lately, resigning Darin Matthews and then giving him that match against me at War Games.


Mario Maurako: Which he won; I might add.


Hollywood grits his teeth at the mention of his defeat on the big War Games stage.


Brian Hollywood: Which is why I am here. I’m looking for a favor from you as well. A chance to gain some retribution at Refueled XXX.


Mario leans forward in the chair and takes a sip from his glass of whiskey.


Mario Maurako: Interesting. Did you have something in mind?


Brian Hollywood: I’d like for you to name me the Special Guest Referee for Doozer vs Matthews.


Mario returns the glass of whiskey to the desk as he savors the alcohol in his mouth before swallowing it down. Mario then strokes his goatee while pondering the request.


Mario Maurako: You’ve got it.


Brian Hollywood smiles, as he envisions his pending revenge.


Mario Maurako: But remember, my favors don’t come cheap. You will be expected to assist me when I deem it necessary.


Brian Hollywood: Sure, whatever it takes.


They seal the deal with a handshake as Hollywood exits the office. We fade out on Mario smiling, and you can almost see the gears turning in his mind.