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Trouble at the beach?

Recently, the eGG Bandits(Doozer, Dean, Martin and Jiles) were all detained for a spat with local airport authorities at Frankfurt Airport. Turns out, after being told that Normandy, the site of this year’s War Games, is in France and not in Germany, they(mostly Jiles) started to vehemently label airport personnel as Holocaust deniers.

Hence, the reason for the group’s detainment.

Luckily, the matter was cleared up and after an agonizing two hour flight delay the Bandits were off to France.

Other Notes:

Jiles has been banned from entering the country for ten years. He did not object to the ruling, saying, “I never liked empanadas anyway.”

In order to speed up the process, Bobby Dean signed a couple of autographs for the Interpool crowd. One of the agents had formerly played Bass Guitar for DMB, but couldn’t offer any more information due to the classified nature of the relationship.

Zeb Martin’s fishing pole was confiscated. It was his dummy rod, so no harm no foul.

Doozer, much like water being wet, is still old. As such, it is rumored he stayed behind in Germany to receive experimental revitalization treatments that are banned in the States.