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Cracking News

Refueled 28 has come and gone.

However, the blood on the floor still remains.

The Bandits have issued an official egg warrant for Dan Ryan’s arrest following the tragic events prior to his unsuccessful capture this past Saturday night. A credible source from deep inside the shell says the Bandits have made Ryan public enemy number one, vowing to place him behind bars so he may suffer for the crime he’s committed. 

The source also said that Zeb Martin was able to sew CBD’s head back to his body using a high tension fishing line and a shark hook. He added the operation took nine hours to complete, was somewhat successful, but he will never talk again. Stupid crushed larynx. Stupid REAL Dan Ryan.

Lastly, the same source promised the Bandits have a MAJOR announcement planned for Refueled 29 regarding the tag team title match at War Games.

Other notes:

Zeb Martin received an under age drinking citation by local authorities when he walked back through the curtain after his match with Joe Bergman. Bergman offered to pay the fine. 

The status of Max Shell is unknown.