Appreciation and a War Games Pick
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Appreciation and a War Games Pick

Good evening to all the fucksticks and numnuts in the land of High Octane.

Tonight I come to you while sipping on a fine whiskey while putting the final pieces together for War Games. As everyone knows Scooter McGavin gave up 10% of his stake to buy his way onto the PPV. Ya….good luck with that Scotty and congrats to Mario for a hell of a 2020 so far.

Hall of Famer

Minority owner of High Octane Wrestling.

Hard to say who has had a better year to be honest…..but there is one…..and one man only.

Is he a pain in my fucking ass because of how low my stock has fallen with him…….sure.

Is he an annoying piece of shit who also happens to be one of the most talented men in the history of the company…..sure.

But this month we are going to celebrate all the great things about this man. This man has been with me LONG before I knew I had a legitimate Son and long before all the holes in Maine were full.

So without further ado I would like to announce that the month of June will be dedicated to one Max Kael.

Congrats man.

Thru all this time together I have come to one true emotion when it comes to you and that is respect.

But that is not all………with Max heavy on my mind and with War Games being battled in this most important month of June… is time to round out MY team that will join Perfection, Andy fucking Murray and of course Max in a quest to storm the beach at Normandy and leave with all the gold.

Now when I looked at my Son’s team I knew I had to play tit for tat.

Andy fucking Murray will take out Farthington

The adopted Son will take out the prodigal Son

Perfection will take out the battle worn and unperfect Dan Ryan

Now I need someone to take out the bitch of the group……..Lindsie Troy.


I need someone younger……..

I need someone with a better skill set…….

I need someone with cleaner knees…..

I need someone younger………

So with that said welcome to the team MJ Flair!!!

Hi Lindsee!!!