On This Day in HOW History…………….
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On This Day in HOW History…………….


Brian Hollywood defeats Chris Kostoff, Valerie Belmont and Fear

Sean Maguire defeats Graystone

Evan Ward defeats Ethan Cavanaugh

Christopher America defeats Tony Wyles

Rhys Townsend defeats “The Franchise” James Varga to retain the World title


Daddy Mack defeats Juri

Chris Kostoff defeats Cancer Jiles

Evan Ward defeats Scottywood

The House of Pain (Derek Mobley & Warrick Hill) defeat The Luchadors De Muerte (Espiritu & Muerte)

Southern Comfort defeats Mario Maurako and Ryan Faze

John Sektor defeats Tara Michaels-Davidson

Rhys Townsed & Silent Witness defeat Shane Reynolds & Graystone

Mike Best defeats Max Kael to retain the ICON championship


Ryan McKenna defeats Levee Johnson

David Black defeats Tara Michaels-Davidson

Jace Parker Davidson defeats Max Kael to retain the LSD championship

Silent Witness defeats Jatt Starr

John Sektor and Shane Reynolds defeat Mike Best and Rhys Townsend