Matthews Hospitalized
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Matthews Hospitalized

The following clip has been released by HOTv from events that transpired during the show after Brian Hollywood assaulted Darin Matthews:


Moments after Hollywood emotionally unloaded on Darin Matthews, HOW officials rush over with EMTs as Meredith looks on in complete horror.  Darin Matthews hasn’t moved in the last 30 minutes.  His face turning completely red in anger after Hollywood cracked Matthews over the head with a steel pipe.  Years of wear and tear on Matthews body with the traumatic blow to the head could signal the worse.  The EMTs rush over putting a neck brace over Darin Matthews head and he screams out in pain.


Meredith:  Calm down, Darin, just relax!  They’re helping you out!

Darin Matthews:  I WILL NOT CALM DOWN!  HOW SECURITY SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THEIR LAZY ASSES OVER HERE SOONER.  I am just a producer trying to get his wrestling contract back.  They let an unprovoked assault happen to a non-wrestler.  This is against the rules!!!!  I should sue HOW for unsafe work conditions!   I can’t move my body.  I can’t…

The EMT inject a mild sedative in Darin Matthews veins and he falls asleep as they load him up.  Meredith walks over to one of the EMTs showing concern on her face as they roll Matthews into the ambulance.  She lets out a giant sigh as he’s carted away.  One of the HOW security guards walks back over to get the details.

Meredith:  He’s…he’s going to be alright, right?

EMT:  We will run scans and determine the severity of his injuries when he gets to the hospital.

Meredith:  Well better safe than sorry, I am going to need the paperwork to file a complaint.  We all know Matthews will be stubborn about this situation, especially when he’s been wronged.  If you could be such a sweetheart and retrieve me the paperwork.  I’ll make sure we get everything in order.

The HOW official rolls his eyes and nods while the EMT hands him the paperwork.  Both leave walks out of the scene leaving Meredith to stand there.  Her look entirely changes from worried to a small sneering smile crinkling from ear to ear as the cameras fade to black.


We have learned that Matthews has been released and will be at Refueled this week.  He has promised an update on his condition after “Hollywood’s brutal and viscous attack” on him from last week.