Lunch Break Notes…and a War Games Selection
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Lunch Break Notes…and a War Games Selection

GOD of HOW here… the middle of another 12 hour day……..but on a quick lunch break and wanted to get some quick notes out there.

  • Two shows left before roleplaying begins for War Games
  • Go Home Show is a VERY special day on June 6th. Do your homework and seeing some folks use that as we head to War Games would be cool to see
  • There will be a radio show Friday night at 9pm CST with myself and Cecilworth Farthington. Even if he has to host…this will happen.

Also seeing as I have two selections left to make with my General Lee Best War Games team……..why drag it out till Saturday…….lets announce the next pick now.

No secret or surprise here….but I officially select Perfection to join Max Kael and Andy Murray on team General Lee.


See you all on Friday night.