Lucian, Meet Woodson
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Lucian, Meet Woodson

Late last night HOTv released the following footage that was shot after Refueled XXVI went off the air.


Back in the office of the COO, we see Scott Woodson sitting behind his desk, feet up and enjoying a NOS as we see Rick Dickulous with a large garbage bag throwing out tray after tray of brownies.

Rick Dickulous: Doesn’t the arena have a janitorial crew to clean this shit up?

Scott Woodson: They sure do, but you’re doing it cause I want you to understand that while we beat The Bandits tonight… this shit ain’t gonna fly in the future.  You’re not gonna beat the Hollywood Bruvs next week with Freeman… and we won’t take those Tag Team Titles from Murray and Bergman with slap stick baking.  I thought maybe you could work it out of your system… but I now see that more drastic measures are needed.

Rick Dickulous: And those are?

Scott Woodson: I HATE ruining surprises Rick…

Suddenly the door to Woodson’s office opens and the COO smiles as we see Lucian Santangel make his way in.

Scott Woodson: Lucian… I’ve been waiting for this meeting.

Making his way up to Woodson’s desk, Lucian tosses the photo from earlier in the night on it.

Lucian Santangel: I want answers Woodson.  I want to get my hands on the man that abandoned me… and my mother.  Who is he?  Where is he?

Kicking his feet off his desk, Woodson picks the photo up off his desk.

Scott Woodson: Everyone here in HOW knows who this man is Lucian.  You think it didn’t spread like wildfire when Blaire saw that photo?  He may have only been in HOW for a short time… but they all remember what he did.

Lucian Santangel: A location Woodson… where is he?

Scott Woodson: Patience Lucian.  Let me make some calls.  He’s not exactly someone I’m close too anymore.  After our long past… after what he did here in HOW.

Lucian Santangel: Don’t fuck with me Woodson.  I want answers next week.  I’ve waited long enough.

Woodson nods his head as Lucian rips the picture out of Woodson’s hand and stares at him for a moment.  Woodson holds his ground, not worried, especially with backup in the room as Lucian takes a couple of steps backwards before turning around and exiting the office.

Rick Dickulous: Still a creepy fucker.

Scott Woodson: Ya he is.  You should take some notes.

Rick slams another tray of brownies in the trash can as Woodson kicks his feet back up on his desk, taking another drink of his NOS.