Late Night Signing….
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Late Night Signing….

Late this evening, has learned, that Lee Best has come to terms with a new wrestler.  The man is being dubbed by himself no less, as “Miracle Man” Steve Harrison.  Not much is known about him except for a short run about ten years ago in several wrestling federations that have been closed for a long time.  His Publicist had this to say about him just ten minutes ago.

“He is a guy.”

When pressured for more of a comment several onlookers thought that under her breath she whispered, crazy.  Nobody is sure how to take this news as he is a relative unknown with no home address and rumors that he is currently living in a hotel drinking whiskey and watching a lot of BangBros.

Lee Best had this to say about the new signing:

“I am drinking……it’s fucking late……why the fuck not?”

Hopefully, this new signing will be able to explain himself further because right now he may as well not exist according to his publicist and new boss.