Fallout from Refueled
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Fallout from Refueled

The offices here for HOWrestling.com will be closed for the next few days due to everything going on in downtown Chicago, but before we get a couple days off we wanted to provide an update from last nights explosive show.

Chicago Police were obviously called to the scene late last night after the actions by Hughie Freeman. His actions are universally being referred to as horrendous and High Octane Wrestling will have an official statement regarding the matter later today.

Regarding Lucian it has been gladly learned that he did survive the attack. He suffered horrible third degree burns and will be transferred to the The University of Chicago Medicine Burn and Complex Wound Center once stable for treatment. With his HOW career clearly over, we can only wish Lucian a healthy recovery both mentally and physically.

Early this morning we did hear from Lucian however, in the form of a short email that also contained a cell phone video.

The video is graphic and we will not show it here but we can describe that his orange and black face paint has been replaced by burns and he was asked one question on the video:

Officer: Do you wish to press charges?

Lucian turned his head slowly towards the officer and clearly states “No”.

With that the video ends.

The man that attacked Lucian, Hughie Freeman, is still being sought to be questioned. We hope to have more information regarding that later today. Hughie is scheduled to wrestle Chris Kostoff next week on Refueled 29. Kostoff who was attacked by Lucian earlier in the night, had DEMANDED he face Hughie after he learned of Hughie costing him his own shot of retribution against Lucian.

As we move forward it will be interesting to see what happens regarding Hughie and in turn Kostoff who both have to deal with the collateral damage of last nights attack.

Stay safe everyone.