Darin Matthews Health Update
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Darin Matthews Health Update

HOwrestling.com caught up with Darin Matthews and Meredith who arrived at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park for their stay prior to Refueled XXVII tomorrow night for an update on his condition following Brian Hollywood’s vicious attack on Matthews last week:


The sun shines bright on the entrance of the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park entrance. It’s a gorgeous day outside.  A white limousine pulls up to the entrance of hotel with Meredith stepping out in a beautiful sundress. The trunk pops open and she lugs out a wheel chair out before she pulls Matthews out of the car. Meredith is struggling to get Matthews out of the car as his arms fight back and he cannot still move his legs.  She plops him in the wheelchair and wipes her forehead.  She’s exhausted.  Not in his typical attire, Matthews sports a HOW t-shirt and jeans with a bandage over his head. Drool rolls off Matthews’ lip as he just stares like he’s a vegetable, more dazed and confused than ever. He lifts his head up turning to Meredith speaking like he was carefree and childlike.

Darin Matthews: Am I Superman now, Ms. Meredith?

Meredith: Yes, Darin. You’re flying now.

Her tone sounds exhausted. She wasn’t trained in any sort of healthcare. As Meredith rolls Matthews up to the entrance of the hotel, she spots the HOWrestling.com team taking pictures. She rolls her eyes before approaching them, each step with a purpose. The anger and frustration in her tone is heard as she’s spent her entire last week monitoring Matthews’ condition. She sticks her chin out with confidence as she balks at each of the reporters.

Meredith: Is this what you wanted to see so desperately? Yeah, I saw the hundreds of calls from this team over Matthews’ condition. Frankly, I didn’t want to answer them. Darin doesn’t need this right now. He needs rest to make a miraculous recovery. You guys know his medical history. He’s taken multiple high-risk spots over the span of his career in PWX, MVW, HOW, and various other promotions across the world. He’s suffered multiple concussions, traumatic head injuries, and horrible neck and back pains for years.  This was the straw the literally broke him.

The reporters back up as Meredith continues her tirade with Matthews in tow.

Meredith: He’s not the same charismatic individual he once was. Sure, he was delusional as hell, but he wanted to comeback to HOW to prove something. But Brian Hollywood took something from him. Yet HOW does nothing to support a man who was released from his wrestling contract but still came to work and helped behind the scenes? He supported HOTV affiliates and gave himself to all facets of the business!  Excuse me for my language, but that’s complete and utter bullshit!

Cameras continue to roll as Meredith stands in front of Darin Mathews. She doesn’t want any unflattering images of Matthews’ condition especially after no one cared about his requests over the last few weeks. The images continued to haunt her watching Matthews continue to break down until he literally begged for his job. Her eyes showed her disgust, fear, hatred, everything range of emotion. She knew deep inside Matthews’ couldn’t continue to employee her after the condition of Hollywood’s attack. And while he didn’t care about Matthews, she still wanted to maintain professionalism for her own best interest. She stuck her hands in the air blocking each flash as she continued to bark angrily.

Meredith: No! No! No! Quit being disrespectful of Mr. Matthews’ wishes. You can take your pictures, ask your questions and do all that media stuff when Matthews’ legal team gets involved. There will be hell to pay for both HOW and Brian Hollywood. I’m sure since Mr. Hollywood continues to reiterate the fact, he’s given up his fortune; he will be happy to know we will pursue legal action on him too. After all, he thinks he can be cute thinking Darin will ‘get in his way’ in a condition like this. Clearly, he’s the one that’s lost his freaking marbles!  Then again, why should anyone expect an ignorant buffoon like Hollywood could read and pay attention to the news.

Meredith grabs Matthews, spins him around, and marches off leaving the HOW website team off in the dust as they both head into the hotel leaving the reporters in the dust.