COO Woodson addresses Freeman
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COO Woodson addresses Freeman

After all that went down last night on Refueled XXVIII and the ongoing turmoil in Chicago, COO of HOW and now 39% Owner, Scott Woodson is working this morning from a new remote office in Manhattan, New York.  There is plenty of work to be done with just one show left before HOW returns to Normandy for another huge War Games event.  An event that he shockingly traded 10% of his Ownership in HOW to buy himself into.

We at received the following video from Woodson this morning in regards to some business.

Cutting away to what seems more like a hotel high above Manhattan rather than an office, we see Scott Woodson.  Behind what also seems to barely be a desk… but instead a table that has the rooms built in mini bar attached.

Scott Woodson: First of all, despite my current disagreements with Lucian, I am glad to see that he has survived what happened at the end of Refueled last night.  Now it might be a bit hypocritical for me to condemn these actions… especially with my past. But as COO of HOW… and still 39% Owner, plus as a man who you were looking to stab in the back… I can not let these actions go unpunished.

Reaching over to the side of his desk… the mini bar part, Woodson grabs a can of Brooklyn Brewing Total Request IPA and cracks it open.  The first beer he has opened since his off-the-wagon bender a month ago.

Scott Woodson: Why stay sober when a pikey could just light you on fire at anytime.

Taking a long drink from the can, a lot of the stress that seems to be building on the shoulders of Woodson washes away.

Scott Woodson: Now Hughie… it seems that Lucian doesn’t wish to press charges against you. That is his choice. I also know the police wish to question you… but without Lucian’s wishing to take a legal route, we all know they will have no ground to impose any repercussions against you.  Luckily though, HOW is not the police.  We can handle things in a different way… and with 39% of HOW, I can still wield a decent amount of power… let’s ALL not fucking forget this.  So I am going to keep your match with Kostoff on the books for Refueled twenty-nine.  Fuck knows I don’t wanna piss off Kostoff unless I have a damn good reason too.  We both have scares that will never fade after our wars… and at this time I don’t need anymore.

Taking another drink of his IPA, Scotty opens the drawer of his desk and pulls out what seems to be a very old set of keys and tosses them down on top of the desk.

Scott Woodson: If Hughie… if you manage to survive the mauling I’m sure Kostoff has in store for you… then you’ll have one more punishment to endure.  If you want to remain in HOW… then you’ll have to do the time you deserve. Not at Cook County Departments of Corrections… not at the MCC Chicago…. not even here in NYC at Rikers Island.  No… you Hughie, after Refueled you will get a ticket straight to jail, without passing GO.  You had no faith in me Hughie… you didn’t think I had the balls… that I wasn’t sick and twisted enough for you.  Well you’ll have plenty of time to rethink that and so much more when I lock you up and throw away the fucking key!  You’re gonna rot in there Hughie… fucking rot!  Never trust a pikey?  Sure.  But cross a New Yorker?  Fuck, you’re gonna learn the pain in that mistake.

Again looking down at the keys, Woodson smiles.

Scott Woodson: So where are you going then you ask?  Well it’s a place that some here in HOW may have thought I had no control over anymore.  But come on, do you think The Corporate Artist would reveal all the details of a deal I’ve signed at once?  See while I may have traded away 10% of HOW, I made sure I owned 100% of something else.  The place that will be Hughie new home for the foreseeable future… The home of Rumble at the Rock TEN… Alcatraz Prison.