Between the Ropes with Hughie Freeman
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Between the Ropes with Hughie Freeman

Hi there, this is Jack Dawson, with I recently sat down for an interview with HOW’s resident Knockout Artist, Hughie Freeman.


Hughie Freeman: Come on boy.

‘Pikey Fuck’ Hughie Freeman enters the room without a care in the world dragging shamed HOW talent Jonny O’Dell.. by a leash. He’s on a short leash so he’s in complete control of the frail star who is restricted to movement on all fours. Additionally, desperately clutching onto his one bit of dignity by appearing in just his underwear… and one sock. The battered and bruised O’Dell sits by Hughie’s legs as the controversial HOW star sits down on a chair. 

Jack Dawson: Welcome to the show Mr. Freeman.

Hughie Freeman: Spot on, gaffer. Pleased to be here.

Jack Dawson: I want to address the elephant in the room right off of the bat Mr. Freeman.

Closeup on O’Dell; drool espaces his very mouth due to the leash being on too tight. 

Jack Dawson: What is your relationship with Jonny O’Dell?

Hughie Freeman: He loves me.. Can’t you tell? I don’t have him sleeping at the bottom of the bed if that’s what you’re thinking, Jackie. He’s got a cage in his own room. You could say he’s my best friend like every stray and its master. If I say sit.. He sits. If I say fetch.. He fetches. And if I say stop baring your teeth in HATE.. He goes as deaf as a bloody post.

Jack Dawson: So you’re saying he’s your pet? A stray you picked up from the arena one night?

Hughie Freeman: He’s just a mean old man that doesn’t have a mommy.

Jack Dawson: Don’t you think that is a little degrading to Mr. O’Dell?

Hughie Freeman: Ya kidding? This is the biggest push he’s had in years. He’s loving life.

O’Dell slumps to the floor creating a gurgling sound from his mouth. 

Jack Dawson: I mean the guy isn’t the greatest or nicest but he deserves better than being dragged around on a leash all day.

Hughie Freeman: He doesn’t deserve the lickings of a bastard dog. He was the one that set his lip up about me stealing his shtick so he gets beaten with that stick. Until the mut realises that this isn’t a game and I’m not to be taken for a fool. Not by him. Not by anyone.

Jack Dawson: Very well.

Jack replies with a bit of uncomfortableness in his tone.

Jack Dawson: Before we get into your current affairs in HOW, give the fans who might not know you a little bit of information about yourselves. What companies have you wrestled in? What are some of your biggest accomplishments? Biggest matches? Etc.

Hughie Freeman: Don’t you know Jonny? The famous Jonny O’Dell who amounted to Jack shit in HOW? The most over guy prior to any War Games pay-per-view and still manages to blow himself up with the hand grenade.

Jack Dawson: Yes, I’ve heard of Mr. O’Dell. He attempted to make a comeback by going the singles route and eventually found a partner in Scott Stevens before joining the ill fated Order, but you still haven’t answered my questions.

Hughie fires Dawson a hateful glare. 

Hughie Freeman: Awards, silverware, pats on the back.. all make a man complacent. Suddenly a man who has it all doesn’t want to stomach the fight no more. My biggest match is simply my next match. My biggest competition is the surname on my birth certificate. Not being caught up in all of the bullshit and thinking I’m bigger than the show itself, fella.

Jack Dawson: I see, so your biggest challenge in life is your father. Care to discuss him?

Hughie Freeman: It’s the Freeman name. What it represents and what you have to do to earn that name. We fight for the clothes on our back and fight with pride. My father is a good man. Freeman’s are good people.

Jack Dawson: Since coming to HOW you have shown incredible knockout power with your Fatality Punch when you blasted Brian Hollywood into the next century in your debut which you were victorious.

Hughie yanks on the lead as O’Dell seems to be playing up. 

Jack Dawson: And you showed it when you almost broke the jaw of Jonny O’Dell here.

Dawson states as he points to O’Dell.

Jack Dawson: I have not seen power like that since Mike Tyson in his prime.

Hughie Freeman: Did you know it only took him one minute forty seven seconds to take out Hector Mencedes in his debut bout at seventeen? Did you know that?

Jack Dawson: No…

Hughie Freeman: I’m a true fighting historian, me. I’ve said it before: I know everything there is to know about fighting. And the stuff I don’t know.. It isn’t worth knowing anyway.  You didn’t do your homework on Iron Mike. Proper true fighting man. All you know is when he’s biting people’s ears off or when he wants to eat your children. All you know is of his HATE. That’s sad, Jackie lad.

Jack adjusts his notes to quickly move on from his lack of fighting knowledge.

Jack Dawson: Did you fight professionally in boxing or mixed martial arts before getting into wrestling?

Hughie Freeman: Look, my whole life has been fighting. It’s all your man Hughie Freeman knows. My father was a bare knuckle champion, his father was, and his father’s-father was. The Freeman name is revered all across the world’s caravan parks and you gotta have them King Kong balls to go against us. So I was hardly gunna be a ballerina now was I?

Writers use their words, politicians use their lies, and your man Hughie Freeman uses his fists. It doesn’t get any more simpler than that my friend. A Leppard cannot change his spots as they say, and when they’ve got dynamite paws there’s no fucking need to.

We don’t sort our problems out by nicely worded debates.. It’s on the backfield where we sort this out man-to-man. No bullshit. Then when you’ve got a face swollen like an Ape and you can’t go no more.. Hughie Freeman will stand you up and shake your hand. The beef is done, we’ve fought like men, and The Freeman’s restore their name in traditional traveling folklore.

Jack Dawson: Interesting. I never saw it from that perspective.

Hughie begins to slowly stroke the top of O’Dell’s head in a sinister manner. 

Jack Dawson: Do you think you can continue to use your knockout power to climb up the ladder of success in HOW or are you working on other things in case people start to avoid your deadly right hand?

Hughie Freeman: Listen, a fight is a fight. Anyone can knock anyone out if touched in the right place. But if I was to say I’m wrestling my cousins pigs on his farm then I’m really not going to bore you with all of that. Training is training. It’s a given in any sport and if you aren’t putting in the graft then it will catch up with you in true knockout fashion. Fight camp is for a me-to-know basis.

Jack Dawson: That makes sense, Hughie.

Hughie Freeman: Whereas people like to make out a fight to be like its rocket science. They over complicate things and wear their ‘Good Boy’ sticker they got from the dentist with pride. But you’re only in that chair in the first place cos someone like me put you there in the first place you gummy bear.

The question you should be asking is if those wrestlers are learning any other disciplines. They need to break out of the little wrestling bubble and understand the world is full of HATE. HATE that’ll hit you stark in the face if you’re not careful, ya hear?

Jack nods.

Jack Dawson: Speaking of HATE, since coming to HOW you’ve made it known you’re not going to be quiet or sit on the sidelines with either your deadly punches or your association with HATE.

Hughie Freeman: Listen, we all know what happened with this sick puppy..

Quick shot of a vulnerable Jonny O’Dell whimpering. 

Hughie Freeman: He spent all of his professional life in the HOW bleachers. He only ever popped out when HOW dangled a War Games carrot over his head. He got so used to playing in the other playground with the rest of em’ that there was no way to the top. Well there is a way..

Jack Dawson: What way is that?

Hughie Freeman: Anyone who gets in my way is going to get sparked clean out.

Jack Dawson: Why did you decide to join up with Scottywood and HATE?

Hughie Freeman: He didn’t fuck about getting me a fight. Gave me a date and time.. and I was there. No questions asked. I’m a man of my word and if someone tells me they’re fighting then they better turn up with their hands up. Cos I’m there to put pain in your face and it’s a serious fucking business.

I don’t have to HATE anybody. I’ll fight anyone if the money is right. Two hundred bar, now.. fight is happening. Like it or HATE it.

Jack Dawson: So for you it’s all about the money? A hired mercenary or hitman of sorts?

Hughie Freeman: Nah fella, it’s nature. The toughest guy in the food chain has to answer to Freeman. The money is if they’re man enough to put it where their mouth is and do all the things that they say they’re gunna do to me. Mostly full of timewasters and wannabe tough guys that have watched far too many gangster films.

Jack Dawson: Well in HOW the toughest guys in the food chain are in the Group of Death and 24K since they hold the hardware in the company.

Hughie Freeman: The gold does give them all the bragging rights but HATE aren’t here to brag. Bragging can get you in a whole new world of HATE that those fellas don’t ever want to get involved with. I’ll continue to lace them up and I, as well as HATE.. We’ll see our day. We promise you.

Jack Dawson: Even Though you lost a tough one to the Hollywood Bruvs what is next for you and HATE?

Hughie Freeman: Listen, you can’t go swimming and not get wet. We got caught and that’s that. You can dress it up how you want or start pointing fingers but it’s not going to get us anywhere. It just makes us HATE that little bit more than yesterday and the next team we face will have to bring a gun to the cockfight to beat us. Simple as that, fella.

Jack Dawson: Good to see the loss hasn’t brought you down your confidence since sometimes losing makes people tend to not show back up.

Hughie Freeman: I’m not concerned about anybody else. They can do as they please. My business is my business. They’re only fueling a bigger beating on themselves when going toe-to-toe with The Famous Gypsy Warrior. I’m Hughie Freeman. Not Hughie Freeloader.

Jack Dawson: With War Games around the corner are you and the rest of HATE trying to get into the Tag Title match? Is Scotty going to pull his weight and add y’all to the match just like he changed the match like he did this past Refueled?

Hughie Freeman: To go into War Games and beat the best teams in the land is something that HATE wants. To be crowned the kings of the division should be the aim and if I was to say any different then I’d be lying through my teeth. Another dangled carrot? Who knows? I’ll just do my job and continue to let my hands go.

Jack Dawson: Before you go… does he want a biscuit?

Freeman looks back at Dawson rather impassively. 

Hughie Freeman: Nah lad… HATES em’.

Jack Dawson: That’s for coming on.