Matt Klazzic Attacked!
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Matt Klazzic Attacked!

Reports are just coming in tonight that HOW wrestler and one half of Turn It Up Express, Matt Klazzic was attacked this evening while working out at a Planet Fitness in Chicago.  Early statements coming in from those on scene say that Klazzic was attacked in the locker room after a workout.  He has been taken to a nearby Chicago hospital where we hear he is in stable condition, but has suffered a significant injury.  We reached out to Matt’s tag team partner Rick Dickulous who was with him during the attack and he had the following to say to

“Like, seriously, the last time we were at a Planet Fitness we were “too loud,” now this?! I just finished up changing and Matt was lagging behind…he said he was gonna try a little manscaping, so I headed across the parking lot to Denny’s.  Ten minutes later there was an ambulance and a fire truck out front of Planet Fitness.  By the time I got over there, the attacker was gone and Matt was on the ground, holding his knee. He never got a look at the bastard who did this… but I’ll find out, and when I do? Sorry, not sorry, bud!”

The duo were training for a return to the ring, especially now with newly nominated HOW Hall of Famer Mario Maurako heading up the division.  But now this throws everything into question as reports say that Klazzic may not be  able to wrestle for an extended period of time.  When we asked Rick Dickulous what he plans to do if his tag team partner is sidelined, he had this to say.

“You think I’m gonna just sit on the sidelines while Matt is out?  Oh HELL no… I’ll wrestle in fbeepking handicap matches if I have to!  You’ll have to do more than this to take out Turn It Up Express!  I’ll see you all this Saturday at Refueled…and I better not find out that anyone on the HOW roster was responsible for this!”

So tune in to Refueled XXII live this Saturday on HOTv!