Lethal Lottery News and Notes
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Lethal Lottery News and Notes

First off, hopefully everyone is remaining safe and healthy in the land of High Octane.

Next, last night we saw the Son reveal that Lee’s Lethal Lottery, a classic if you will, will be returning next week. As revealed by the Son last night, and confirmed by the Father, the ICON Championship will be the Main Event for the first time in Lottery history. The LSD and Tag Team Championships will also be on the line where Max Kael and The Hollywood Bruvs, repping 24k, will be defending.

Last night we also learned that there will be two War Games Qualifying matches where the winners of those matches will guarantee themselves in the War Games Draft Pool (More to come on that at a later date).

We now turn it over to the Father of HOW:

“I just want to say how Proud I am of my Son Michael for the way he closed the show last night. He kept it ALL BUSINESS and put over the ICON Championship and the specialness of the Lottery.

The Lethal Lottery used to be a twice a year event in High Octane Wrestling and I am excited to be bringing it back. With War Games up next and coming off the structured confines of the LBI, it felt like the perfect time to bring back the utter chaos that is the Lottery.

There will be five matches, three titles on the line, and potential to earn your way into the War Games Main Event where the World Championship will be on the line. Speaking of the World Championship…..

It will NOT be defended at the Lottery. Reasons are as simple as I want my SON to have the spotlight in his Month of Appreciation, and there is no way the World Championship would ever NOT be the Main Event, so the decision to keep that title off the show was an easy one.

For the wrestlers there will be more information posted in the backstage area for their eyes only…..such as signing up for their numbers that will be used during the Lottery drawing etc.

For the fans this show is all about chaos as literally NO ONE will know the matches before they happen. Anyone and everyone has a chance to win one of the three titles being defended and just think about the potential carnage it would cause if Andy Murray and Teddy Palmer had their numbers drawn to TEAM UP against the Hollywood Bruvs for the Tag Team Championships??

Thats the type of shit that could happen. What will happen? Who fucking knows.

See you all next Saturday at Refueled and as always….stay safe everyone”

So there ya go folks……a TON on the line next Saturday for the Lethal Lottery and let the speculation begin on potential matches.

And finally…….good luck everyone.