Between the Ropes with Zeb Martin
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Between the Ropes with Zeb Martin

Hi there, this is Jack Dawson, with I recently sat down for an interview with HOW’s newest signee, Zeb Martin.


Jack Dawson: Welcome to the show Mr. Martin.

Zeb Martin: Thank ya, thank ya, Mr. Dawson.  Ain’t used tuh bein’ asked nothin’ ‘bout me, so I’m right sorry if I’m a little rattled.

Jack Dawson: It’s alright Zeb, don’t be rattled. Just relax and everything will be good.

Zeb Martin: Heh, I’ll try my dangdest.

Jack Dawson: Before we get into your highly anticipated debut, give the fans who might not know you a little bit of information about yourselves. What companies have you wrestled in? What are some of your biggest accomplishments? Biggest matches? Etc.

Zeb Martin: Heck, don’t reckon y’all have ever heard of Classic City Pro ‘Rasslin or Middle Georgia ‘Rasslin Alliance unless yer really into doin’ a deep dive on Facebook.  Ain’t got much of the national presence that High Octane carries with it. CCPW’s where I done learned tuh wipe your feet off on the apron before steppin’ through the ropes, and purty much where I kept on pickin’ up steam over the past three years.  Like tuh say I’m still learnin’, ‘cause every match brangs somethin’ new with it.

Talkin’ on accomplishments?  Got tuh hold a strap once or twice.  Middle Georgia lemme go get the Sandersville City Title, and I reckon that’d be a swap meet version of y’alls Icon title.  They weren’t too keen on lettin’ youngins get after the Heavyweight strap. Classic City carried the same old school mentality.  I jus’ left there as a co-holder of the tag team titles with a good buddy of mine ‘round the same age as me. My Pawpaw — y’all heard him in the last little bit before this — always drilled into me to give respect to the ones who put the dern roof over yer head, so I jus’ wanna be clear that I ain’t never felt slighted or unappreciated where I came up from.  Tradition runs pretty dang deep down in the South, and ain’t nothin’ as important as payin’ yer dues when it comes to bein’ the top gun in them promotions.

As to any big matches: none of ‘em really compare to junior and senior years in the Georgia state wrestling championship tournaments.  Biggest crowds I ‘rassled for, at least. We talkin’ professional, though? Hadn’t had nothin’ like I’m ‘bout to be a part of on Refueled.  Ain’t used tuh steppin’ into a ring in front of anything over a hundred folks. Yeah, I’ve had a few battles, got tuhwork with a couple of the out-of-towners jus’ makin’ their way through the circuit.  Nothin’ like what I’ma gon’ experience here in High Octane. But hell, if you ain’t never done nothin’, future shore looks bright!

Jack Dawson: Interesting.

Zeb Martin: Keepin’ it positive, I s’pose.

Jack Dawson: You said a few of the companies you worked for a lot of the older wrestlers and higher ups didn’t like new guys going for their top title. My question to you is if they didn’t have that closed minded mentality would you have stayed with them longer? Is not being able to break passed the glass ceiling because of your youth a reason why you may have left?

Zeb Martin: Cain’t lie there.  Might be a little part of the reason.  Money’s the main thang: ain’t no main eventer in neither one of them places makin’ more than about a bill a night.  But yeah, definitely think I’mma be given a little nudge up here if I make a lil’ more pull fer myself, and that’s prolly got a lot to do with why I packed my gear and headed up North.  I know ‘round here they ain’t with the same mentality they are.

Jack Dawson: HOW, doesn’t care who you are or what you’ve done. When you come in you are 0 and 0. Lee will give everyone a fair shake and if he believes you have a shot he’ll throw you in the deep end. Lethal Lotteries, Solitary Confinement matches, and recently, Teddy Palmer shook everyone in HOW as he came into the LBI and won the whole damn thing. Hell, with War Games coming up you might catch the eye of someone and get drafted if you do really well.

Zeb Martin: You thank so?

Jack Dawson: It all depends on you.

Zeb Martin: Reckon it does.

Jack Dawson: You are making your debut this Saturday on Refueled XXI against former World champion, Brian Hollywood. How are you feeling about facing an opponent the calibre of Hollywood?

Zeb Martin: Lil’ bit shaky, tuh be honest with ya.  Y’all probably done figgered it out by now, but I ain’t too much fer talkin’ shit.  Words don’t add no muscle mass up in yer arms and legs, and hemmin’ and hawin’ about yer game sure as hell don’t make a body slam hurt yer opponent more.  Brian Hollywood’s done went up the ladder, back down it, and right on up it again and you won’t hear a bad word from me ‘bout the guy ‘er anyone’s purty picture on the roster sheet.  Ain’t too concerned ‘bout what he thinks of me, ‘cause at the end of the day: we professionals, and all comes down to who’s gettin’ that arm raised up right after the bell.

I’m wearin’ brand new boots to Refueled, but my old ones got plenty of dust underneath ‘em.  What I do know is that in every match, you best well figure out in the first few minutes what you gotta do to get that victory.  Makes it dern hard to figger that out while you also tryin’ tuh make sure he or she don’t sneak up on ya and end it quicker’n that.  Mix that in with my nerves: first time bein’ in a crowd that big, first time go’n up against a man who has been there and done that. I gotta helluva task in front of me.  But shame on me if I ain’t go’n give it a run tuh try.

Jack Dawson: I’m sure you will give it the best you can and I can probably tell you Hollywood is nervous as well.

Zeb Martin: Well, we’ll see.  Hopin’ we can shake all that, but might be a tad bit harder fer me, truth be told.

Jack Dawson: You’re nervous because it’s your debut match but for Hollywood, he has had to totally reinvent himself and he’s finally gained some

Zeb Martin: I thank all in all, we gon’ see who come out with the arm raised high!  And win or lose, I’m just might grateful for the chance.

Jack Dawson: Well thank you for coming onto the show.

Zeb Martin: Yessir, Mr. Dawson.  Y’ought come out to Georgia sometime, we’ll hit the lake for a spell!

Jack Dawson: Sounds good.