Bergman Credits Murray, the People For Title Win Last Night
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Bergman Credits Murray, the People For Title Win Last Night

‘Ordinary’ Joe Bergman returned to a hero’s welcome to Section 214 after Bergman and Andy Murray won the HOW Tag Team title last night.  Bergman and Murray won the belts by defeating Murray’s fellow 24k stablemates The Hollywood Bruvs Mikey Unlikely and Jesse Kendrix in what will certainly go down as one of the more bizarre title changes in HOW history.

Accompanied by Barbie-Q, Bergman hoisted his HOW Tag Team title belt in the air and walked up and down Section 214 to thank as many people as he could.  Joe then spoke to them through a mega-phone and reminded everyone he’d promised a month ago that if he ever held gold again that he would throw a much bigger party for the section.

After calling his wife to share the news with her, Bergman then sent Barbie-Q out on an emergency food run and commandeered a section of the Allstate Arena parking lot for an impromptu post-show tailgate party to celebrate Joe’s third title win in his short HOW career.  The fire from the state of the art grill inside the short bed of Bergman’s old school 1960 Chevrolet C10 Pickup illuminated the surrounding area and bright orange flames reached up into the evening sky and helped keep the two hundred people on hand warm.

HOW backstage reporter Blaire Moise also attended the gathering and reported that after thanking everyone who showed up at the post-show tailgate, Bergman gave credit to Andy Murray for the win:

Andy Murray is a consummate professional, period.  I have nothing but respect for the man – his career speaks for itself.  I had no idea what to expect when I heard his name called out and watched him come to the ring.  All I know is this, we defeated a great tag team in Unlikely and Kendrix tonight and I am going to need to up my game considerably to hold up my end of this bargain going forward.”

Bergman also credited his ‘faction:’

I am grateful to each and every one of you.  Grateful.  Earlier in the week, I said last Saturday night would forever live in my mind as one of the more enjoyable nights I’ve ever spent inside a wrestling ring.  What happened tonight tops that. This win is for you all.  The folks who punch the clock every day.  The people who come to the Allstate Arena every Saturday and pay their hard earned money to watch us perform.  The people who am I proud to stand with – stand for – fight for – and most of all- the folks that I am grateful to be their champion.”

Moise added that Bergman made it clear that he plans to continue working with HOW’s #1 Dad Steven Solex in PBR.