The LBI Final Information
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The LBI Final Information

Good morning from the offices of DILLIGAF,

When I initially set up the schedule for the LBI the idea was to potentially leave open the possibility for a triple threat at the PPV. As with all things in HOWrestling, you can never plan that far in advance and think it will stick 100%. I have known for about a month what I was going to do regarding the Final and wanted to release that information today. This honestly is really the best way to do the Final with all things considered.

On March 14th we will see tag team partners Teddy Palmer and Alex Redding battle in one Semi Final match. The other Semi Final match pits newly minted stablemates Lindsay Troy taking on the HOW Hall of Famer and LSD and Tag Champion Maximillian Kael.  The roleplay limit for these matches is obviously 1rp.

The winner of those two matches will face each other in the Main Event of the March 14th show. The winner of that match will go to March to Glory to wrestle for the World Championship.

So to summarize:

  • Palmer, Redding, Troy and Kael will post two rps for the March 14th show. Their first rp will be used for their Semi Final Match. The second rp will be used for the Final if they advance.
  • The roleplays will NOT be scored together.

The LBI is meant to be a tough ordeal, but this also gives these four folks 10 days to post two roleplays. It is relative to those that get a Title shot on the go home shows and then have to wrestle at the PPV two weeks later, so this has been done before, but I wanted to give everyone a few extra days to get that second roleplay up.

Good luck to everyone

–Lee Best