Tag Team Division Update
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Tag Team Division Update

Good afternoon from the offices of HOWrestling.com. We were notified today regarding the future of the Tag Team Division and specifically the role the division will play at the upcoming March to Glory PPV.

It has been confirmed by Lee Best today, that the Tag Team Championships will be defended by the GOD stable and that “Freebird Rules” are in effect for all stables in High Octane Wrestling…..if they want to use it.

So with that said here is the official Tag Team match info for March to Glory:

Tag Team Championship Match
HATE (Scottywood and Damien Ryan) vs. Hollywood Bruvs vs. 24K (Murray and Perfection) vs. eGG Bandits/Turn-It-Up-Express vs. Group of Death© (Dan Ryan and (Max Kael/Lindsay Troy)

There will also be another tag team match at March to Glory where the winning team will get the first tag title match opportunity post March to Glory. Here are the teams in that match:

Tag Team Number One Contenders Match
eGG Bandits/Turn-It-Up-Express vs. Team to be Named at Refueled XX

So what this means is whoever wins the match at Refueled XX between The eGG Bandits and Turn-It-Up-Express will move on to March to Glory to compete for the Tag Titles, while the losing team will get a second life early on in the new revamped Tag Team division by securing a shot in the Number One Contenders Match at MTG.

We will also find out at Refueled XX who will help Dan Ryan defend the Tag Titles as the loser of Max Kael vs. Lindsay Troy will team with Ryan. To answer the next question….NO……Max Kael will NOT be defending the LSD Championship at March to Glory if he were to lose to Troy.

Any questions or comments as always you know where to find Lee……

Good luck to all!!