Sometimes you gotta rub their nose in the piss……..
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Sometimes you gotta rub their nose in the piss……..

As we all saw on Refueled XX last night Michael Lee Best was “rewarded” with the night off by his father and instead will be the subject of a Michael Lee Best Appreciation night at March to Glory.

Well there is a flip side to that coin……obviously.

Lee Best just dropped this quote to

“As everyone saw Maximillian Best ruined everything and returned to his Kael ways. He literally ruined the biggest moment possible with him winning the World Championship at March to Glory. I mean Teddy Fucking Palmer? He literally has already shot his load and there is NO FUCKING WAY he wins the World Championship. No.Fucking.Way. None. Zero. Nada.”

But I digress.

This is all about Max and what he has done to ME. As much as I needed to reward Michael, I need to punish Max.

So with that said Max will now be defending his LSD Championship at March to Glory and the match will be a Steel Cage match as I don’t want him using any of the environment to his advantage at the Coliseum as we all know his history there.


Instead he will be locked inside the cage like the fucking DOG that he is.

Inside that cage with the LSD Champion will be the following men:

  • LBI Final Four Wrestler and Tag Team Partner to the LBI Winner………..Alex Redding
  • A 7 Foot 320lb MONSTER of a man who is just chomping at the bit to get in the ring……Deacon
  • The man that cannot be killed…….the man that literally embodies the spirit of HOW……Hall of Famer Chris Kostoff

So there ya go SON……enjoy adding more metal to your already ravaged body.

I am here for it….

That is all.”