Site Updates and some Breaking News…..
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Site Updates and some Breaking News…..

Good morning everyone out there in the land of High Octane.

With a very successful March to Glory PPV in the rearview mirror, it is time to move forward. But before we move fully into the War Games period, the monkeys in the truck and back in the lab have some site updates to and for folks:

  • Wrester Standings are updated thru MTG Results
  • Ticket sales and gate receipts are updated thru MTG ($1.1 million for MTG!)
  • Next show date will be April 11th with the card to be revealed tomorrow March 30th

We have also been notified that due to the success of March to Glory, that Lee Best has decided to extend the appreciate for his Son.

April will now be devoted to the appreciation of the Son. That is right….from the mouth of GOD…..

April is now officially Michael Lee Best Appreciation Month.

Now back to some numbers…

March to Glory Roleplay Scores