On This Day in HOW History……….
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On This Day in HOW History……….


Jimmy Thunder defeats Fear.

Rhys Townsend defeats John Pariah.

David Black defeats”The Shadow” Ethan Cavanaugh by DQ.

‘Big Country’ Mark O’Neal defeats Jackson to win the LSD championship.

Valerie Belmont and Brian Hollywood defeat “Perfect” Paul Paras and Greg Davis and defeats “The Franchise” James Varga to win the Tag Team Championships.

Max Kael defeats Scottywood.

Mike Best defeats Adonis Smythto retain the World championship in a Cage match.


Bruno Carnegie defeats Tara Davidson.

Shane Reynolds defeats Jace Parker Davidson.

Mike Best defeats Evan Ward to retain the LSD championship.

David Black defeats Graystone.

John Sektor defeats Michael DeNucci to retain the ICON championship.