March to Glory Card Finalized
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March to Glory Card Finalized

We here at just got word on the final additions to the March to Glory card.  The word came thru that Lee Best was waiting to finalize one more deal before making the announcement. Seemingly that has been done as we just got the updated matches.

Here they are:

  • Brian Hollywood vs. Scott Stevens: Loser of this match will be unable to wrestle during the War Games PPV period. The winner obviously moves on with a chance to get into the biggest match of the year.
  • Turn-it-up-Express now know their opponents in the No.1 Contenders Match for the Tag Team Championship……MJ Flair and High Flyer. The winner of this match will get the first Title Shot for the Tag Team Titles post March to Glory.

Now some notes from Lee Best:

  • ALL Tag Team Matches, including the title match, will be contested with a 2 rp limit….one rp PER HANDLER. Essentially MTG fully kicks off the new tag division so almost every team is on the card and there will be slight tweaks and more notes for the division after March to Glory.
  • World and LSD Championship matches will be contested with a 3 rp limit.
  • All matches with multiple rp limits MUST have at least ONE ROLEPLAY posted OUTSIDE the final 24 hours of the period.

Good luck everyone!!