From the Desk of GOD……
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From the Desk of GOD……

Good evening to all my favorite people in the whole wide fucking world,

As we reach the final show of MY Invitational I just wanted to take a few minutes to go over a few things. You see as I sit here and ponder everything that is going on I have come to the realization that High Octane Wrestling is finally getting to a place that we have been striving for since the refueling last year.

You see I went through a period of being cautious, being phased out of my own company, and finally back to where I belong and always should be… the head of the fucking table.

For months I have sat back behind the scenes and watched folks go in and out of each other’s feelings, live rent free in each other’s heads, and quite frankly unable to get out of their own way.

I listened to people whine about not getting some bullshit awards in December as Christmas Gifts. I listened to folks beg like Keith Sweat for me to induct folks into the Hall of Fame.

I listened to every single person tell me exactly what I should do in my own fucking company.

Man was it hard to hold my breath….to be the quote unquote bigger man………but I did….and I waited.

Then it became time for MY Invitational, the Lee Best Invitational, and we saw the company slowly begin to get some serious traction. Week after week we saw all my new signings show up and put forth a positive effort, and in most cases, winning matches. So much so that folks were running for the hills to huddle together and try to find the weaknesses……..and then try to bully them out or try to get me to fire them……..thinking that I gave two fucks.

I don’t even give one fuck.

You see at the end of the day people are either going to step into that ring and put in a solid effort, or they won’t. That is not on me. Never has been. I give everyone an opportunity and it is on them to capitalize on said opportunity. I don’t wrestle, I don’t even go out into the arena anymore for the shows, and I sure as hell am not going to be the reason someone sinks or swims.

At the end of the day I am just the man sitting on the sidelines watching everything unfold with the rest of you. There are only three things I can do here in the land of High Octane that would directly affect a wrestler…….

  1. Hire you
  2. Book you
  3. Fire you

That is, it. Long ago are the days that I was allowed to have FUN in my own company. Long are the days where I could go two days in a row without any negative bullshit in my ear or in my fucking inbox. Nope I was coerced to come back to be a picture on a wall for folks to throw darts at while they pat themselves on their backs. Nope……nothing for me to do but sit back and have broad shoulders and watch from afar……But man have I have I made some serious fucking signings with all that said.

Hi 24K

Hi Red and Ted

Hi Deacon

Hi Turn-It-Up-Express

Hi eGG Bandits

Literally since January 1 those are some of the folks that I have hired to come into High Octane Wrestling. Please tell me a better two months of signing free agents.

Which brings us to today and the final week of the LBI.

To say I am happy with the LBI would be an understatement. Has it been perfect? Absolutely not. But it has been close.

When the dust settles this Saturday night I have NO DOUBTS in my mind that my adopted Son Maximillian Best will have his hand raised and will go on to Main Event March to Glory and become the new World Champion. I have zero doubts. So much so that I literally put a LARGE wager down in my own Sportsbook, #FeedtheHOG, on Max to win the damn thing.

Not Red

Not Ted

Sure, as fuck not that other person.

Maximillian Best. That is where my money went and you honestly think I would have made a bet on a man, my SON, if I wasn’t 970000% sure he was going to win?

C’mon. Don’t be naive.

Speaking of Sons…..

Hi Michael… 6-foot 1-inch 235lb ICONIC beast you…….

Funny DYK….my SON weighs 48 MORE pounds than the World Champion……but man they sure look the same when you see them on TV standing next to each other. Knowing my SON, that extra inch he has on the WORLD CHAMPION is probably where ALL the weight is.

Thattaboy Son.

Saturday night we will see one of my sons go to March to Glory to wrestle for the World Championship and my other Son…..maybe the night off?

Either way this Saturday night is going to be very very interesting and to think I haven’t even talked about the Tag Team Championships yet….probably cause my Sons won’t be in that match……..but man……when I win all my money on my Max bet I am going ALL IN on 24k coming out with the GOLD.

24k Gold on their first HOW PPV……sure…..why the fuck not.

So, in closing, I just want to take this time and thank Maximillian Best and Michael Lee Best for representing the company in the greatest of lights during the past year. It is because of them that I came back and it is because of them that we are on the cusp of another Golden Era here in High Octane Wrestling.

Thank you for being the Champions both in and out of the ring.

Thank you for being the role models and steady hands for the rest of the roster each and every day.

Thank you for making all of this worth it.

Love you boys…….970000.