Card Subject to Change
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Card Subject to Change

The offices of High Octane Wrestling are buzzing this evening as Lee Best is purported to be cooped up in the lab, working on plans for this Saturday’s March to Glory pay-per-view, live from the Roman Coliseum.

The GOD of HOW has barely come up for air in the last week, but in the brief moments that he’s been seen by staff members, his words have been short and to the point: “Card Subject to Change”. What this means in its entirety is as unknown to staffers as it is to the fans themselves, but the first bit of the curtain was pulled back tonight when Lee Best gave a brief statement to

“It’s plain English. Card subject to change. Does this mean I have surprises lined up for MTG? Ya, no shit. When don’t I? But I’ll give you dickheads I peek into the future. The HOW Tag Team Titles are gonna be a major focus of the company after this show is over— we have maybe the most talented group of tag teams in the wrestling business all under one roof, and if you think we’re not gonna be taking advantage of that, you’re fucking stupid .”

When pressed as to what that might mean for March to Glory, Lee was willing to clarify. To a certain extent, of course:

“March to Glory is always about the LBI and the HOW World Title. Always been, always will be. But we’re kicking off this tag team battleground at the pay-per-view, and one hundred percent there’s gonna be a big time stipulation added to that match. Don’t bother fishing— you can find out on Friday along with everyone else.”

We of course fished, proudly serving HOW fans with the hottest scoops. But Lee is ended his statement with the following:

“Card subject to change.”