Between the Ropes with Max Kael
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Between the Ropes with Max Kael

Hi there, this is Jack Dawson, with and I recently sat down with Hall of Famer and current LSD and Tag Team Champion, Max Kael.


Jack Dawson: Welcome Mr. Kael to Between the Ropes.

Max nods.

Jack Dawson: It is truly an honor to have a man of your stature here with us. A man that has been competing in all eras of HOW. A man that Lee Best proclaimed would be on the Mount Rushmore of HOW if he made one. How do you continue to reinvent yourself?

Max Kael: Usually a debilitating brain injury causes me to pick up unique quirks associated with blunt for trauma. Or, you know, having your eye stabbed out. Or Three. Lots of reasons really, I think on the writers floor they call it character development.

Jack looks at Max with a confused expression.

Jack Dawson: So you’re saying have your eye stab multiple times, being thrown into a burning dumpster and the other horrible things done to you is character development by the HOW writers?.

Max Kael: HOW writers? HOW doesn’t have writers, what the fuck are you talking about? I was using a turn of phrase.

Jack Dawson: I see. Continuing on, you are probably the Franchise of HOW because you continue to remain relevant all these years. Don’t let the win/loss record fool you because sometimes you have started out hot and then you hit a snag or vice versa, but at the end of the day you continue to dominate and add to your already impressive resume.

Max Kael:..I’m sorry was that a question or?.. No? Okay.

Jack Dawson: You’ve seen the multitude of talent from the Golden Era to the Modern to the current Refueled Era. Do you think the talent level is the highest it’s ever been?

Max Kael: I can’t speak for anyone else but I do feel that I am operating at the highest level I have ever operated on. A World Title. Tag Team Titles. LSD Title. I went out of 2019 the Number One Ranked Wrestler. I’m currently sitting at the top as the top ranked Wrestler in 2020. I’ve also been pushed harder than any other era of HOW, but with Cecilworth and Michael backing my plays, I’m sure there will be no challenge we can’t overcome.

Jack Dawson: It’s hard to argue that. I’ve seen old footage and I have to agree with you this era may be your best yet.

Jack says as he turns his notes.

Jack Dawson: I have to ask, with you, Farthington and Mike holding all the gold between the three of you do you think there might be some tension leading up to possible matchups?

Max Kael: As long as the gold stays with the eMpire it matters little who holds it. Or I guess the Group of Death now I suppose.

Jack Dawson: You are one of the favorites to win the LBI this year, but you have some stout competition ahead of you this Saturday in the form of Lindsay Troy and potentially Alexander Redding and Teddy Palmer in the finals if you make it through.

Max Kael: That certainly appears to be the situation. Not to take anything from any of those opponents but I made a promise to Cecilworth that I would be his opponent at March to Glory, I intend to keep it.

Jack Dawson: Can you give us your opinion on your current opponent, Lindsay Troy? What does she bring to the table that can challenge you? Is there something about her that you haven’t seen before that could potentially be a problem? Care to share any strategy that you’ve been working on to combat her?

The Lord Supreme Dictator’s eye twitches as his mechanical breathing increases.

Max Kael: Lindsay Troy is a treacherous bitch that Michael managed to turn against the Industry, kudos to him for that and a limp wristed congratulations for her being handed to division. Rest assured that kind of behavior will not be tolerated in the eMpi–err.. Group of Death. If I catch a whiff of disloyalty they’ll have to invent new words for suffering like.. Troyphany or Lindsayalistic. As for any strategy, why would I share that kind of information for you? Are you spy for Lindsay Troy?

Jack Dawson: Why no….I just thought our viewers would appreciate some insight to Max Kael’s training.

Max shakes his head.

Jack Dawson: What are your opinions on Redding and Palmer?

Max Kael: They came very close to taking my right to call myself a double champion last week, had it not been for my GENIUS then they very well might be Champions right now. I’m preparing to face them the same as all my opponents, blindly with little to no forethought and hope that either one I face was nearly killed by the loser. Shit, that might have given away my secret Lindsay Troy strategum, forget I said anything.

Jack Dawson: No promises can be made.

Jack replies as he flips through his notes.

Jack Dawson: Newcomers, Red and Ted, have made an impact already in this tournament and they are two tag partners that are putting aside their differences to achieve the bigger picture, but something like this can hurt them down the line. I mean if you win it all you will be facing your tag partner and World champion, Cecilworth Farthington. How will it feel to face a man who is like a brother to you?

Max Kael: Like a brother? Cecilworth Farthington is my brother, legally. Lee signed the paperwork months ago and this isn’t just a lie to force him to say otherwise. Cecilworth Farthington is the legal son of Lee Best after Eric Dane murdered his previous father with a lethal dose of Vitamin Dane right to he kisser. Love wins, Dawson. Again, I am not lying in order to provoke a response from Lee Best; Michael, Cecilworth and I’s legal father.

Jack Dawson: Interesting, now if you happen to win the LBI and go on to Main Event March to Glory and become the World champion once again, how will that make you feel? Will it be the icing on the cake to not only be the number one ranked wrestler in HOW but the best wrestler in the world?

Max Kael: I doubt I’ll defeat Cecilworth Farthington, I mean have you seen that guy’s legs? He literally snaps people’s arms for his personal entertainment, it’s like watching Michael get a hate boner watching Judge Judy, that boy loves angry older women scolding people. If I somehow managed to defeat Cecilworth the Last Arm Bender I guess I’ll figure out how I feel then, hopefully not sporting a broken arm.

Jack Dawson: Fair enough. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch sort of thing..

Jack says as he flips through his notes.

Jack Dawson: I don’t mean to shift gears, but I have to address the elephant in the room. Let’s talk about your comments relating to your brother Mike Best, the ICON championship, and Lindsay Troy.

Max Kael: Uh huh.

Jack Dawson: You made it known that unless you’ve held that Pale Strap you potentially have no idea what it means to be the ICON champion. Other people have made similar statements through the years as John Sektor used it to establish his platform as the Gold Standard. Your brother gained more notoriety and respect for being a fighting ICON champion during his fifth reign while trying to break your record for most days held. People like Scott Stevens saying when he defeated Sektor for it cemented his belonging in HOW.

Max’s brow raises slightly and though it can’t be seen, Max is likely scowling.

Jack Dawson: No disrespect to your LSD championship, but it seems like you were suggesting the ICON championship is the benchmark title in HOW. Is that what you were alluding to when you made the comments you did regarding the championship?

Max Kael: If you have never been ICON Champion then you have no idea what it is like to be ICON Champion, yes, this is correct, you understand words. This must be very exciting for you. Also why not mention ANYTHING that has happened in the Modern Era? How about how it cemented Cecilworth Farthington as a major player in HOW? Jack Dawnson you are a terrible interviewer.

Jack Dawson: It’s Dawson and I beg to differ Maxwell. I was about to mention Cecilworth……

Max Kael: Maximillian. It’s Maximillian Wilhelm Kael, Jack Dawson.

Jack says as he shows him the note card with Cecilworth Farthington’s name on it.

Jack Dawson: It’s right there.

Max Kael: I just watched you scribble that on that page you insufferable hack.

Jack Dawson: Maybe so, but you did make some interesting comments about it if Mike was to win it. Care to elaborate?

Max Kael: I have razor sharp metal teeth and a large portion of my skull is made of metal. I have to wear a breathing mask because I was dropped into a dumpster fire by High Flyer a few months back. It nearly killed me. I nearly DIED. But let’s talk about Michael, that seems to be the most interesting thing about me, huh? Thanks for the empathy, Dawson, you know I used to do this too and I think I was actually way better than you. Pathetic.

Jack Dawson: I apologize for my comments if they seemed out of line I was just trying to gain a scoop.

The LSD and Tag Team Champion rolls his one eye and glares forward.

Jack Dawson: How has your rehab been going since your recovery? How much longer are you going to have to wear your mask? Are you doing cryogenic healing or stem cell therapy to help recover faster?

Max Kael: I’m not legally able to answer that question.

Jack Dawson: Understandable, just thought I would ask. Now I wish to thank you for taking your time for coming onto the show.