Unseen footage from RF16
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Unseen footage from RF16

Below is footage from Refueled XVI that did not make the show. Blame the monkeys in the truck….or maybe the guy that produced it?

Either way…check it out below!

As Refueled XVI is underway one High Octane alum is having slight difficulties gaining entry to one of the most remarkable nights in HOW history. HOW400. The who’s who of High Octane are vying to be on the show tonight, including one who’s about 380 pounds overweight.

Voice: I’m telling you, check the list. “Beautiful” Bobby Dean. That’s D. E. A. N.

Security: I’ve checked the list seven times, man. I’ve called it in three times to make sure, and everyone I’ve talked to has said not to let you in.

Bobby Dean: Well, then, how about you turn around and I sneak past?

Bobby fishes out some crumbled up green backs out of his pocket as the Security Guard looks at Bobby as if he’s lost his mind. Can you imagine this tub of lard “sneaking” anywhere?.

Security: Seriously? I’m gonna risk my job for, what is this? $27 bucks? Get outta here man.

Suddenly the door to the arena bursts open and the cigar smoking, eye patch wearing, scowling visage of Lee Best emerges. A cloud of cigar smoke billowing out behind him as he looks at Bobby Dean with hatred and disappointment in his eye.

Lee Best: Robert.

Bobby Dean: Leonard.

Lee Best: What? That’s not my name, numbnuts.

Bobby Dean: No? Uhhh, how about Leopold? Leef? Leelo? Leeland? Leeroy? Leevi?

Lee Best: I’m about to stab you in the face. Shut the fuck up and tell me what’s you’re doing here.

The fat man goes suddenly shy, twisting his toes into the gravel as he looks down to the ground, afraid to meet the eye of Lee Best. He mutters a few words under his breath, causing Lee’s scowl to deepen.

Lee Best: What!?

Bobby Dean: I wanted to come back.

Lee Best: Of course you do. But look at you, you’re more disgusting than ever. What’s your weight nowadays?

Bobby Dean: I don’t honestly know. Every time I step on the scale, the needle goes around and around, and never settles on a number…

Lee Best: Jesus, you fat fuck. You know what you have to do to get back into my good graces. You let me know when you get there and then we’ll talk. Until then, stay outta my hair.

Bobby Dean: But you don’t have ha…

The boss man growls in frustration, shutting Bobby up before he turns and makes his way back into the building, stopping to look at the security guard who’s holding $27 bucks in his hand. He reaches out and takes the money, stuffing it into his pocket, daring the guard to say a word.

Lee Best: Keep that fat fuck outta here.

Security: You got it boss.

Before the guard can finish his statement, Lee has already entered the building and slammed the door behind him. Bobby stands there looking at the closing door with a look of dejection on his face.

Bobby Dean: Ugh! I’m never going to make it to 250!

End scene


HOWrestling.com reached out to Lee today to clarify what went down between himself and Bobby Dean and this is what Lee had to say:

“Look if Dean can get down to 250lbs then….and ONLY FUCKING then……will I sign him to a High Octane Wrestling contract. I will be ALLOWING him to show up each Saturday on Refueled to check his progress in front of the fans inside the All State Arena and the millions watching on HOTv. This is his final chance….lets see if he puts the work in this time.”

So there ya go folks……Dean can earn a contract, his final HOW contract, if he can get down to 250lbs. Tune in this Saturday at Refueled 17 to see his progress!!