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On This Day in HOW History


The show starts off with Graystone putting Crow through a flaming table after a sneak attack.

Aceldama defeats/destroys Silent Witness.

Christopher America defeats Chris CK.

Darkwing vs John Sektor ends in a Draw resulting in Sektor retaining the Stable championships.

Ryan Faze tells Max Kael he wants to be remembered as “The Faze of HOW.”

Bobbinette Queen B Carey defeats Marvelous Mario Maurako to win the Stable championships.

Frankie the Cameraman is revealed to be Scottywood’s son.

Issac Slade defeats Perfect Paul Paras, David Black, Blaze, and Max Kaelto win the ICON championship.

The Templar is revealed to be Jatt Starr and Jatt proceeds to beat the Holy Hell out of Ryan Faze.