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On This Day in HOW History

The darkest day in HOW history…..not Beat Up Mike Best Day that was established on Refueled XVI this passed Saturday. No, the day Adonis Smyth defeated Mike Best and we start off the following week with the former champion trying to get Adonis to agree to have the incident stricken from record and the title placed back into the care of Mike Best as if nothing happened. Smyth didn’t agree and Mike attacked him.

Greg Davis defeats Brian Hollywood.

Kostoff issues a warning to each and every member of the Best Alliance that he’s coming for them.

Mark O’Neal defeats Jatt Starr.

John Pariah defeats Kirsta Lewis.

Scottywood defeats Max Kael to become the new ICON champion.

David Black defeats Kostoff.

Fear defeats James Varga.

Ethan Cavanaugh defeats Shane Reynolds.

Mike best defeats Adonis Smyth to become the new HOW World champion.

America comes back and announces he owns the Best Arena and announces a rubber match between Mike and Smyth in a steel cage.