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On This Day in HOW History


Kostoff kicks off the show and says he is joining John Pariah’s Foundation and says he allowed Mike Best to live thus letting him to become the champion. He says he went to Lee’s house and kicked his ass and once to finish it once and for all.

Jimmy Thunder defeats ‘The Dark Angel’ Darek DeAngleo.

Valerie Belmont is encouraged by her husband Fear as she prepares for her match.

Valerie Belmont defeats “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze.

Brad Jackson mentions he’s only 18 days away from breaking Shane Reynolds’ LSD record and that he is done with Darek DeAngleo.

Scottywood defeats Aceldama.

Afterwards, Scottywood goes off on Lee and says he is worthy and challenges Max Kael at ICONIC for the ICON championship.

Aceldama meets Embosser. Enough said.

The Best Alliance tell the Foundation they are going to WAR.

Brad Jackson defeats Joel Hortega.

Max Kael defeats RAAAAAAAAH!

Adonis Smyth defeats Mike Best to become the new HOW World Champion.

Rhys Townsend defeats Paul Paras.

The Best Alliance attack the Foundation in the parking lot and Valerie Belmont receives the majority of the punishment from Mike Best as he does it in front of her daughter Chloe.



Brian Hollywood defeats Kostoff.

Chris Diamond says he wants HOW gold.

Bobbinette Carey defeats Dick Fury.

Christopher America defeats Black Mamba.

Evan Ward turns heel.

Steve Solex gets mad at a midget and vows to be the next LSD champion when he defeats Scottywood.

Jace Parker Davidson defeats Wilhelm Kael aka Max Kael.

Scott Stevens says his loss to Diamond was a fluke and that he’s scouting Graystone tonight because if he wins the ICON championship he will have a chance to become ICON and his Group Leader in the LBI.

John Sektor defeats Graystone to retain the ICON championship.

Post match, Sektor hypes why he is the Golden Standard of HOW and tells Blair Moise to give your him a kiss before he heads back for a shower and power wank.

Evan Ward defeats Michael DeNucci.