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On This Day In HOW History

On this day in history was the final edition of Monday Night Mayhem.

Ryan Faze comes out and thanks the fans for their support and says he’s not afraid of anyone. He says he has some interesting things regarding the AoA courtesy of his digital camera. Bag belonging to Mario Maurako has 30 syringes, an Anger Management dvd, and a self-help book on how to keep a championship for more than seven days. Paul Paras had a Miami Hurricanes jersey, an empty bottle of baby oil next to an American Pie – Gay Gangbangs and makes suggested innuendos about Paul Paras and Christopher America.

Lee comes out and cuts off Faze and reminds him he works for him and he’s surprised him he has made it passed being just a flavor of the week HOW superstar, but reminds him he doesn’t know what he means to be a HOW superstar.

Silent Witness defeats Damian Ryan.

Christopher America is interviewed and wants to be known by his AoA name of Triple A and informs people he was the one to send the photos of Ryan Faze and Amanda to Mario because people who break up marriages will not be tolerated….in America.

Upton Osgood, Ngozi, and Scirrhus are beaten to a pulp by Scottywood, Blaze, and Static and dragged out onto the stage where they as doused in gasoline and set on fire.

Triple A defeats David Black.

Kostoff tells everyone why he’s joining Lee Best because even though they hate each other they know what’s best for business.

Jatt Starr hypes his return after Lee Best offered him the largest contract in company history, an official UAD championship while announcing Jatt vs Darkwing will never happen again in HOW, and his issue with Bobbinette Carey being in the Hall of Fame.

Paul Paras defeats Bobbinette Carey.

Crow defeats Scottywood.

Blaze defeats Static and Max Kael.

Jatt Starr is beat up by a masked individual in the parking lot and his car is set on fire with him in it and everyone speculates that it is Splinter.

Graystone defeats John Sektor to retain the HOW World Championship via escaping the cage.