News and Notes regarding RF18
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News and Notes regarding RF18

No rest for the wicked…….with Refueled XVII in the books it is time to pivot towards Refueled XVIII and our first non LBI Matches of the new year.

There were two LBI slots that were opened up with the firing of Buck Yates and Crash Rodriguez. Those two spots will be filled with tag team matches as we begin to build back up that division now that we near the end of the group stages for the LBI.

Tag Match One:

Hollywood Bruvs make their HOW debut as they take on Black Mamba (who was to face Crash Rodriguez) and a returning Scott Stevens. The story here is that Mikey negotiated that if they were to sign with HOW that he would get Stevens in a match. Lee, being the genius that he is, gets that contract stipulation out of the way quickly.

Tag Team Championship Match:

Red and Ted vs. Max Kael and Cecilworth Farthington for the HOW Tag Team Championships. The titles have not been on the line since the start of the LBI and there is no better team to get that first shot than the team of Red and Ted. Both of those men have clinched their group stage wins and are rewarded with a shot at Tag Team gold in their 5th match in the company. This match will mark the official in ring return for the World Champion Farthington who surely has some rust leftover from his match against Benny Newell.

Here is the full card for Refueled XVIII:

Refueled XVIII