From the office of Lee Best…..
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From the office of Lee Best….. just got word from Lee Best, who was said to be more cranky than normal, and we were told to release the information right away. Usually we hold off on any news until Sunday or Monday to allow the latest show to remain in the forefront…….but when GOD tells you to do something… do it.

So here you all go…..straight from Lee:

“First off congrats to Max. I should never be surprised by anything he does, but once again he did just that. When it is all said in done Max will be on the Mount Rushmore of High Octane Wrestling and I have no issues saying that.

Secondly, kudos to my Son. He is pulling out all the my old tricks and has created a stable that rivals any Best Alliance I ever put together. The fun is in the scheming and I hope my Son truly appreciates all the wisdom I have passed down to him throughout the years.  But with that said, the show must go on, and the last week of the group matches is next week. To add a little fuel to these last Group of Death matches I am going to add a couple stipulations.

  • Lindsay Troy vs. High Flyer will now be No DQ Falls Count Anywhere match. Hopefully Jack will take it upon himself to make sure LT gets all that she can handle…..and more…..before her Final Four match against Max.
  • Michael Lee Best vs. Dan Ryan will be for the ICON Championship. Yes Max…you assumed right on the show. This does not need anything more to it but who knows…maybe Ill add something to it as the match gets closer.

Finally, if anyone honestly thinks I am just sitting back in my office and letting all this shit go down without notice, you do not know me very well. I respect what my Son has done and I respect the fact that he is fully taken on the Best views when it comes to business. But at the end of the day this is my sandbox. High Octane Wrestling is an always will be ……mine. ¬†Right now I am biding my time, biting my tongue, and allowing the soft motherfuckers to have their fun.

But time is running out on that…..sooner than later I will push my thumb back down on the soft heads of the kids playing in my sandbox….and it will be for the Best.”