Character Spotlight – Red and Ted
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Character Spotlight – Red and Ted

Hi there, this is Jack Dawson, with and I recently sat down with Alex Redding and Teddy Palmer.

Jack Dawson: Welcome gentlemen.

Teddy Palmer: Thanks Jay Dee, the pleasure is all yours.

Alexander Redding: Who exactly are you accusing of being ‘gentlemen?’ (I should make it known he said this through a joking grin.)

Jack Dawson: How are you liking your time in High Octane Wrestling?

Alex Redding: Catering’s good, but it doesn’t seem all that different from everywhere else we’ve been. Plenty of puffed up chests, and us just winning like it’s old hand.

Teddy Palmer: Professionally, the winning has been splendid. Personally, I’d be able to relax a bit more if Blaire Moist quit undressing me with her eyes.

Jack Dawson: I see, so you are saying some of the more established names are just a bunch of, “puffed up chests” instead of actual competition. Also, I’m sure Blaire MOISE will be glad to smack the crap out of you next time she sees you, Ted.

Teddy Palmer: Don’t encourage her behaviour. No means no…

Alexander Redding: Hold on Jack, now did I say that? I mean, there’s plenty of dick wagging going on around backstage. But you know, the only thing that ever counts happens between those ropes, between the bells.

Teddy Palmer: Wait a minute. Dick wagging? Is there a film division here at HOW?

Jack Dawson: You are correct, the only thing that counts is what happens between those rope and bells, but I’ve seen, just like a lot of other people have seen, people such as yourselves come. Red Hot and then fade into obscurity after their sizzle runs out.

Alexander Redding: Let it never be said Red and Ted ever left any place with a whimper. Fireworks are more our fashion.

Teddy Palmer: I think he just called you hot, Red. Well Jack, my boy ain’t interested in starring in one of HOWs sausage flicks. Scout someone else.

Jack Dawson: No, I… let’s just move on. You two are established vets of the wrestling world correct?

Teddy Palmer: Been there, done her? Yessir.

Jack Dawson: …I’m sure you tell your hands that all the time…

Teddy Palmer: Real mature there. Thought we were building a decent rapport.

Jack Dawson: You’ve been…

Teddy Palmer: Let’s just keep it professional, mkay?

Alexander Redding: To your question, we certainly ain’t rookies. Blacklisted or helped shut down almost every place we’ve happened around.

Jack Dawson: We’ve heard the same thing, Mr. Redding. Newcomers with bad reputations in the past come in and HOW remains standing when those bad seeds wither and die. How are you two going to differ than those before you?

Alexander Redding: They had the luxury of soft landing spots. We are blessed with the knowledge that this is our last chance in North America.

Teddy Palmer: And I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t get a work permit overseas…

Jack Dawson: Very well. Can you give a little background about yourselves so they can get to know the two of you better?

Teddy Palmer: Lemme cliff note Ted for you and the world. Professional wrestler. Fired. Adult film star. Copyright lawsuit. Went to rehab, separate sessions for alcohol, drugs and sex. Funny enough, got kicked out the first because of the need of the third. This led to a bartending gig, which in hindsight was counterproductive. Now professional wrestler again. Hoping to stay employed.

Alexander Redding: Ted and I have been running together since I caught up to him doing a second lap of the third grade.The story of us as professionals is even shorter than that. Show up. Show out. Win big. Get canned. Rinse and repeat that enough times, and you start to find no one reaching out to be the next in line.

Jack Dawson: That’s an interesting background. With the cut throat nature of this business, it’s impressive you two still remain close friends.

Teddy Palmer: Correct that, Best Friends. And there ain’t no amount of fame, money, or championships that can wedge itself between this bond right here.

Jack Dawson: Fair enough. You two are primarily a tag team and with the LBI going on, tag competition has taken a backseat. Did you expect to have this much success in HOW as singles wrestlers? You both lead your respective LBI groups, which some might consider to be an upset at this point.

Alexander Redding: How hard is it for people to understand what a two-man stable is?

Teddy Palmer: They always get it wrong, buddy. I’ll have you know that most of our success has come in the singles ranks. In fact, I don’t even know if we’ve held tag titles before. Well, legally.

Alexander Redding: Well, there was this one time in jOlt, but they fired us before the next show…

Jack Dawson: What is a two-man stable then?

Alexander Redding: What it says on the tin, Dawson. eMpire are a three-man stable, right? Well, like that, just not with that awkward third wheel to ride coattails.

Teddy Palmer: We do have Grady though…

Jack Dawson: Alright. To the two-man stable then, depending on the outcomes of the grouping you could be getting shots at the various singles championships, the ultimate prize being a date with Cecilworth Farthington at March to Glory. How do you think you’ll fare against the current champions if you matched against them? How do you think you’ll fare against Farthington?

Teddy Palmer: Bit of a loaded question there. Try and get us to slip up, throw out some bulletin board material, hold us hostage to our words. I see you Jack.

Alexander Redding: I’ll say it; We’d be happy to help unburden Farthington of some of that extra luggage. We’re good guys like that.

Jack Dawson: Easier said than done, don’t you think?

Teddy Palmer: No different than most things in life,  right Jackie Boy? Doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen though.

Alexander Redding: Miss every shot you don’t take.

Jack Dawson: After the LBI, what are your plans?

Teddy Palmer: Fingers crossed, to still be employed. If that bridge is crossed, I’m thinking my carry on will be a bit heavier.

Alexander Redding: I have a plan or two for whatever comes, but, spoilers.

Jack Dawson: Well I’d like to thank you gentlemen for taking the time for me to ask you some questions and letting the HOW audience get to know you better.