Between the Ropes with Rick Dickulous
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Between the Ropes with Rick Dickulous

Hi there, this is Jack Dawson, with and I recently sat down with Rick Dickulous.

Jack Dawson: Welcome Mr. Dickulous.

Rick Dickulous: What’s goin’ on, Jack?  Jacky boy? I like that name better, can I call you Jacky Boy?

Jack Dawson:Ummmm….sure.  How are you liking your time in High Octane Wrestling?

Rick Dickulous: So far, so good.  I mean, I haven’t found any competitors for the leg slap game, so I’ve been practicing all by myself….do YOU know how to play the leg slap game, Jacky Boy?

Jack Dawson: Can’t say that I have Rick, what is the leg slap game?.

Rick Dickulous: Well, it harkens back to my hockey days…a few of us would run a race through the hallways of the arena after practices – in the dressing room after big wins – but the catch is, while you’re running that race, your dick can’t touch your leg!  So, you end up with a bunch of guys running around half-squatted with their legs out to either side…you should try it sometime, guy!

Jack Dawson: I think I’m good Rick.

Rick shrugs.

Jack Dawson: Give the fans out there a little bit of knowledge about yourself.

Rick Dickulous: Hmm, where do I start?  Well, my first contract was an open ended one with New Frontier Wrestling.  They rebranded, and relaunched their product back in 2017, and I was offered a spot on their roster, partially thanks to my father who was a long time NFW Superstar.

I had some reasonable success there, but parted ways with them in late 2019, as I felt my talent was being underused.  I was in talks with Dominion Pro Wrestling, and was offered a spot on their roster, along with a handshake promise from their General Manager that I wouldn’t be waiting for an opportunity to shine…but so far even that has gone by the wayside it seems.

So, I did what any self-respecting contractor would do – I put myself on the market (just, not like them hookers)!  I saw Lee Best advertising openings for the Lee Best Invitational, and decided I’d give it a shot…so, here I am, bud – sorry, not sorry.

Rick shrugs as he delivers his catchphrase.

Jack Dawson: Is there a reason why you weren’t given what you were promised? Do you think the General Manager had a grudge against you?

Rick Dickulous: Nah, I don’t think it was personal.  Judas Lasher may be a dick, but he’s been around my whole life, he’s best friends with my father, and he’s always been fair.  I can’t even say I’m not getting what I was promised – at this point, I’ve had nothing but success there…my only complaint is that red tape is slowing him down from getting a weekly show running!  Judas has been in contact the whole time, so it’s not like I’m being left in the dark, either…he’s been completely above board.

Jack Dawson: Fair enough. Now let’s talk about the LBI.

Rick Dickulous: Ok, let’s take ‘er out fer a rip!

Jack Dawson: When you came into HOW you started off hot by winning your first match against Buck Yates and then you stumbled against HOW’s Number One Dad, Steven Solex.

Rick Dickulous: Fuckin’ Solex…if he’s the Number One Dad, I’m the bloody pope, eh?  He’s made o’ spare parts, bud.

Jack Dawson: How did you feel about those two matches? What are you looking forward to now since you dropped all the way to fifteen in the ranking?

Rick Dickulous: Well, see…it’s simple math.  I promise you this isn’t about to be a Scott Steiner ripoff!  But, think about it: if we aren’t all at the same amount of matches, one of the two parties has “matches in hand,” so looks to me like I’ve got a potential advantage against some of ’em.

I can still catch up, it’s just gonna take focus, determination, and hard work – nothing I’m afraid of.  Y’know what else it takes, Jacky Boy?

Rick sits forward, reaching towards his feet off camera.  As he rises back up, he produces a bottle of Tree Blood and hands it to Jack Dawson.

Tree Blood, guy!  Here’s a gift, from me to you!  Take it home, share it with the missus…hell, eat it off the missus, I don’t care – just don’t send me any pictures!

Jack takes the bottle and doesn’t know what to make of it.

Jack Dawson: Well I’d like to thank you gentlemen for taking the time for me to ask you some questions and letting the HOW audience get to know you better.