Tragedy hits home with HOW Superstar
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Tragedy hits home with HOW Superstar reached out this afternoon to our own Black Mamba to get a statement regarding the tragic news regarding Kobe Bryant this afternoon.

“It pains me to hear the origin of my ring nickname, the myth, the legend, the master of the basketball court itself….Mister Kobe Bryant, has left our world this morning. A tragedy…that is echoing across the world even as I speak.”

Silence follows as James Ranger’s breathing seems to get ragged as he stares at the floor in earnest. He groans loudly as he takes to rubbing his forehead, then in one full motion rubbing the rest of his head to the back of his neck. He takes a deep breath again to look up.

“Dare I say the African-American community truly lost a shining figure that catapulted many a generation from the mean streets of USA to the spotlight, chasing their dreams for what would be a lifetime. Kobe Bryant endured carrying the world on his shoulders, so that others could continue to look up to him. This moniker I have, was with his blessing, despite the backlash I received in my early years of wrestling, I feel it was important to have the name “Black Mamba” be synonymous with the legendary basketball player.  You were taken away from us Kobe, taken away from us far too soon. May your family know peace for years to come.”

From everyone here at the High Octane Wrestling community we want to echo the thoughts of James.  May you rest in power Kobe and may your family be at the forefront of everyones thoughts.