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The State of Hollywood

In what may be one of the most surprising moves to hit the airwaves…HOWrestling can officially CONFIRM the authenticity of this report and it is indeed TRUE that Brian Hollywood has left Hollywood Enterprises and has handed over his company to his trusted Board of Directors. It wasn’t mentioned nor reported who exactly will run Hollywood Enterprises, but it won’t be Brian Hollywood. It had appeared as if we were about to find out more of what Hollywood Enterprises was all about but just when we think it’s going to go somewhere…Hollywood changes the game…and boy did he..
There was a lot of controversy behind this move but that wasn’t the biggest controversy to come out of this report…because wait….THERE’S MORE!!
We haven’t been able to get much out of the Hollywood camp all week, but it’s interesting that this story drops on the eve of the ICONIC PPV. This was no accident on the timing of this story dropping and when we reached out to Hollywood earlier on in the week, he finally was able to give a little bit of comment just the other day as he has since been “busy.” When asked about the departure from his company, Hollywood had this to say:
You know, these last couple weeks I’ve had to make some very difficult decisions…obviously the news about me leaving Hollywood Enterprises was big time news and something that was personally hard for me to do.” Hollywood said in his opening statement.
Hollywood transitioned as he appeared to have a lot on his mind. When asked what drove him to this decision, he had this to say. “Everyone knows how much Hollywood Enterprises means to me and how much of an impact it’s had on my life. However, there’s been something else that I haven’t been able to get my mind off of..something that is actually far more important to me. My reputation as a HOW wrestler. It’s no secret that I’ve taken a tumble since coming back to HOW. Sure I got to the Finals of the HOW World Championship Tournament..but what the fuck have I actually done since then?”
Hollywood wasn’t looking to get to any long winded commenting, but he did finish up on his decision to leave his company in the hands of his Board of Directors. “2016…what happened to my dominance? What happened to the man who controlled everything in HOW and held all the HOW singles Championships to close out the company on its last run? I want that Hollywood back. And it’s funny I should bring up how I want the old Hollywood back. It just so happens to coincide with my other breaking news outlet. But from me going from dominating HOW in all of 2016 and getting to the HOW World Championship Finals, to being left off the ICONIC PPV altogether? That was a gut punch for me..and a wake up call that I seriously needed to do something to get back to what I do best…and that’s wrestling and dominating everywhere I step. That’s why I chose to leave my I can return to the basics…so I can focus more on my wrestling because it’s obvious to me that it’s serious. I’ve been treading water and I need to be on top of the motherfucker in order to get back to what I do best.”
That was only the first statement we got from Mr. Hollywood. News also broke…and perhaps this was almost just as big, if not bigger, than Hollywood leaving his company that hit the airwaves….Mr. Hollywood also dropped this comment transitioning from remarks of why he left his company. Hollywood had this to say…
“So we all love controversy don’t we? Well it just so happens that I’m so serious about getting back to wrestling that I’ve decided to make another difficult choice…and this choice might very well be the biggest shockwaves that flow throughout all of High Octane Wrestling on the eve of ICONIC…because how iconic would ICONIC be without a little bit of Hollywood swerve surprises? That’s why I’m officially announcing that not only will I be getting back more seriously into wrestling…but just how serious is serious? Well let’s just say I’ve reached out to a man with whom I have a lot of history with. A man I never thought I would ever reach out to in order to get myself back to main event caliber. A man, with whom I actually just recently faced. A man who actually reminded me just who the fuck I am! Well, as of a week ago, I have joined the Five Star Academy school of wrestling! Who better than Mike Best himself do I go to in order to get back to being the dominant machine I used to be? I have a long road ahead of me but the LBI is quickly approaching and I intend on getting back to glory just in time for March to Glory!”
“Oh and as for ICONIC? I may not have a match on the card…but you better fucking believe I’ll be involved in some capacity…that’s not a forecast…that’s not a prediction…that’s a motherfucking Executive Promise!”
Hollywood didn’t comment after that and since his comment, a week ago, we haven’t heard anything in regards to what he’s been up to or how his training has gone. We also tried to reach out to Mike Best for further comment and perhaps more information on just what kind of involvement he will have in Hollywood’s return to basics, but Mike has been mum on the subject. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out just what this newly formed relationship, and any details on that front, with Hollywood and Best will rise to the surface. We do know one thing…if Hollywood seriously reached out to Mike Best and his Five Star Academy, you can only imagine how serious Hollywood is about getting back to his dominant self if he was willing to put his rivalry with Mike Best to the side in order to be great again.

ICONIC is merely minutes under a day away and if this news proves to be authentic, and electrifying…we can only imagine what ICONIC will be all about as that night will prove to be explosive and provide the action and anticipation that we all expect it to be! More on this breaking news story and its shocking developments as we get it.