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On This Day In HOW History

The second round of the 2009 LBI wraps up, but not only that we see the return of Lee Best and members of the AoA are subjected to drug testing? Is that even legal in HOW?

Dylan Nitro defeats Ryan Faze.

Darkwing shows up and challenges Jatt Starr one more time and sings War by Edwin Starr with Isaac Slade.

Isaac Slade defeats John Sektor.

Lee is shown beating a man who may or may not be Splinter to a bloody pulp.

David Black defeats Silent Witness.

Triple P wants Kostoff to get on his knees and hopes he doesn’t lose his top draw.

Triple is clean and teaches two police officers about the Perfect Life Movement.

Kostoff destroys Tenma.

Bobbinette Carey forms the Knights of Epicness.

the police offers are drunk off of Powerade.

Christopher America defeats Bobbinette Carey.

Max Kael says he’s better than Jatt Starr and will break all this records and introduces the “Undefeated Against Darkwing” championship.

Max Kael defeats Darkwing.

Mario Marauko defeats Crow to become the ICON champion.

Lee Best bottomlines Ken Davison/Oddity/Tenma.

Jatt Starr appears to be apart of the Best Alliance as the show ends with him standing over Splinter???