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On this day in history…

First Friday Night Chaos of 2014.

The ICON and World Champion, John Sektor, hyped up his year in 2013 by beating Mike Best for the World title at March to Glory and became a three World champion at ICONIC by defeating David Black and Professor Stanley Keller and also retaining his ICON title. He says he won almost every match in 2013 and he’s was a little disappointed he wasn’t nominated for the Hall of Fame, but he presses on an makes the most important announcement declaring the 2014 Lee Best Invitational…..OPEN!

The show starts off with Scottywood defending and retaining his newly won, LSD championship against Steve Solex in a tough matchup.

David Black defeats the returning James Ranger aka Black Mamba.

Jason P. Davidson defeats the returning Bobbinette Carey.

Scott Stevens wins by referee stoppage over the debuting Havoc after the Texan cuts him open and beats the Holy Shit out of him.

Shane Reynolds destroys Kirsta Lewis and carves the word WHORE into her forehead with a razor.

In the Main Event, Michael DeNucci defeats Mike Best in the match of the night.