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On this day in history…

With the return of the Lee Best Invitational recently announced this day proved to be a big one in for Monday Night Mayhem in 2016. It was the second week of the Rob Michaels Invitational and we saw the return of SSE Legend and HOW fan favorite, Trent, get his first win over “The Monster” and Hall of Famer, Chris Kostoff.

We saw future world champion and fan favorite, Ray McAvay, defeat Hall of Famer, Shane Reynolds by submission.

Hall of Famer, Scottywood defeated RMI tournament guest and HOTv affiliate from Boardwalk Wrestling, Julliet Brooks, to set himself up for a world title against the champion Scott Stevens in their bracket.

A highly anticipated match up between Brian Hollywood and Mike Best ended up being moved to an non-televised dark match and Hollywood vents months of anger and frustration to the public about how Lee Best has gone above and beyond to protect his son. He lets everyone know that he destroyed Mike Best in their match and this among other things is why he went looking for relevance in UTA while calling Lee soft and worthless.

Tyler Boyd defeats Hall of Famer, David Black, in a possibly the match of the night candidate.

HOW World Champion, Scott Stevens, hypes up his potential title defenses in the RMI as he didn’t defend against Max, but could against Reggie Rivid, Julliet Brooks, or Scottywood. Stevens says he’s nervous as the RMI continues because it took him such a long time to win the coveted world title, but he’s hungry and confident he will retain throughout and come out the victor and doing so could put the final stamp on being a future candidate for the exclusive HOW Hall of Fame.

Scottywood makes his case to Lee why Stevens vs Woodson needs to be for the HOW World title when they meet.

Cajun City Wrestling (TM) General Manager and LSD Champion, Ryan McKenna defeats Hugo Scorpio in another match of the night candidate to close out the show.