Merch Monsters Sign Officially
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Merch Monsters Sign Officially can confirm that HOW has come to terms with Alexander Redding and Teddy Palmer. Contract terms have yet to be disclosed at this time.

First announced via a vignette airing during last night’s ICONIC, Alexander “Red” Redding and Teddy “Ted” Palmer (f/k/a Sexton Hardon) are joining the HOW roster, and will be participating in the Lee Best Invitational.

The self-described “two man stable” come into HOW with a controversial past, having built a reputation of many short-lived tenures in various promotions. Separately, and together, the two have enjoyed some level of success, and popularity, wherever they landed, but often butted heads with management. It remains to be seen if Lee Best will be the latest promoter that cannot put up with the headache these two can bring.

Not wasting any time, the so called “Merch Monsters” already have new tees and hoodies for sale in their ProRasslinTees dot com store.