LBI Groups Announcement
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LBI Groups Announcement

Good afternoon everyone in the land of High Octane. There is some SERIOUS SERIOUS shit going down behind the scenes but do not fret. The LBI groups and schedule will be posted as stated. Below are the first two groups of the LBI and you will see that there are no seeds this year. Reason being as one group will be determined by a handler per the stipulations of their ICONIC Match, and also due to front loading the first week with folks that didn’t have to role-play for the PPV.

Narcotic Group (A) Embosser Group (B)
Wrestler Points Wrestler Points
Alex Redding Teddy Palmer
Buck Yates Deacon
Rick Dickulous Crash Rodriguez
Brian Hollywood Black Mamba
Steve Solex Chris Kostoff


Below is the first two weeks of of the LBI with the other two groups being announced later tonight. The groups were also set up so that anyone that was NOT wrestling at ICONIC would wrestle on the first show. This would allow the ICONIC wrestlers another week off. Below is the schedule.

Week 1 January 25th
A1 vs. A4
A3 vs. A2
B1 vs. B4
B3 vs. B2
Week 2 February 1st
C1 vs. C4
C3 vs. C2
D1 vs. D4
D3 vs. D2