Full LBI Group and Match Schedule
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Full LBI Group and Match Schedule

Below is the full group reveal and schedule. Remember there are no seeds this year due to the ICONIC Match Stipulation between Michael Best and Lindsay Troy. Also with several folks making their debuts and returns, I front loaded the first show to feature only role-players that did not participate in the ICONIC show.

The LBI will be getting its own full time page for the duration of the tournament but for now here you go:

Narcotic Group (A)Embosser Group (B)DeNucci Group (C)GOD Group (D)
1Alex Redding12Teddy Palmer12Max Kael9MJ Flair0
2Buck Yates0Deacon9Austin Reeves0Dan Ryan6
3Rick Dickulous3Crash Rodriguez0Brenton Cross9Lindsay Troy12
4Brian Hollywood9Black Mamba3Warrick Hill6High Flyer3
5Steve Solex6Chris Kostoff6Joe Bergman9Mike Best9
Week 1 January 25thWeek 4 February 15thWeek 6 February 29th
A1 vs. A4A1 vs. A5A5 vs. A2
A3 vs. A2A2 vs. A4A4 vs. A3
B1 vs. B4B1 vs. B5B5 vs. B2
B3 vs. B2B4 vs. B2B4 vs. B3
C1 vs. C5
Week 2 February 1stC2 vs. C4Week 7 March 7th
C1 vs. C4D1 vs. D5C5 vs. C2
C3 vs. C2D2 vs. D4C4 vs. C3
D1 vs. D4D5 vs. D2
D3 vs. D2D4 vs. D3
Week 3 February 8thWeek 5 February 22ndWeek 8 March 14th
A2 vs. A1A3 vs. A1Alex Redding vs. Teddy Palmer
A5 vs. A3A5 vs. A4Max Kael vs. Lindsay Troy
B2 vs. B1B1 vs B3
B5 vs. B3B5 vs. B4
C2 vs. C1C3 vs. C1
C5 vs. C3C5 vs. C4
D2 vs. D1D3 vs. D1
D5 vs. D3D5 vs. D4