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Here at we have received word regarding some of the long time veterans of HOW and their current status with the company, and we are referring to Scott Stevens and Darin Zion.

We received the following quote from Stevens:

“You know; this isn’t how I thought it would go. I thought I still had more to contribute, but Lee Best had other plans I guess. I know since HOW returned I haven’t been that great in the ring. Even though it was a loss to Steve Solex at ICONIC I thought I was heading in the right direction with the way I performed against him. I thought that would be the spark to get me back on the correct path from the beaten one, but the GOD of HOW decided to put an END to it all.”

When pressed for more details Stevens has this to say:

“I found out on the phone. The Lee Best Invitational brackets where announced and I checked the web page and I saw that my name wasn’t on it and I decided to give Lee a call and he flat out told me that as far as me competing in a HOW ring, well that is done for the foreseeable future and that he’ll see me bright and early in the morning and be more focused on being the Chief Information Officer of HOW since that was my JOB.”

When ask if he’s enjoyed his time as a HOW competitor?

“Outside of the obvious ones that keep being brought up, I have enjoyed myself in High Octane Wrestling. I was coming back from serious injuries and major burnout as a competitor and I’m surprised I’ve lasted as long as I have and done the things I’ve done. I’ve won the top World championship in the top wrestling promotion twice. Not many people can say they’ve done that. I’ve competed against some of the best wrestlers not just in the world and HOW has also let me compete against some of the best other companies have to over as well. Even though I feel I still have more to give to this company as a competitor, but if Lee is forcing me to retire and focus on my role backstage then I’m satisfied with all I have done because not a lot of people can claim they’ve had the same level of success as I have.”

We reached out to Lee Best to get his take on this and here is what GOD said.

“Look Stevens in the ring has lost all connection with the crowd and his win loss record reflects that he is missing…..well something. It is in the best interest of everyone that Scott take a break from in-ring action and focus on helping behind the scenes. The same goes for Darin Zion. Although Zion does not have an official title in the backstage area he has long been a valuable member of the team behind the scenes. I am forcing both these men to take a break from wrestling and provide support where quite frankly we are lacking the most.  The old guard that remains in HOW seem to be too busy bullshitting in their small circles to help promote and provide support to the brand as a whole. I have never had that issue with Zion and Stevens and by pulling them from the ring I am doing literally what the company and brand need.  After the conclusion of March to Glory I will evaluate the roster once again and make more decisions at that time like I do after the conclusion of all pay per view periods.”

So there ya go folks…..Darin Zion and Scott Stevens are transitioning to more of a backstage role here for the #MTG2020 period and where they go from there will be decided at the conclusion of the #LBI2020 and March to Glory.

More changes to come we are told.