Roleplay Scoring
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Roleplay Scoring

The following goes over the five criteria used to score roleplays. Each one is subjective to who is doing the scoring, but for the most part the person doing the scoring is Lee Best. As per rules of the internet, not everyone will agree on everything written below, but this provides a baseline for all those that will roleplay in the land of High Octane.


Readability is fundamental to scoring. It’s about the clarity of the text, including spelling, grammar, and spacing. Any errors in these areas could lead to deductions. The use of colors should be minimal, and images, if included, must be directly related to the content.

Character Development

Character Development is about giving life to the wrestler’s persona. It involves detailing the character’s strengths, flaws, backstory, and distinctive mannerisms both inside and outside the ring. Understanding the wrestler’s daily life, training routine, upbringing, and family life can add depth and make the character more engaging.


Description is about painting a vivid picture with words. It helps immerse the reader by providing details about the character and the setting of the roleplay. A well-described scene can make the reader feel as if they are part of the action.


Creativity sets a writer apart from others. It involves innovative approaches to point of view, setting, character development, and thematic exploration. Questions to consider include the vividness of the setting, the substance of the dialogue, transitions between speaking and non-speaking parts, and the creativity in conveying underlying themes.

Match Relevance

Match Relevance pertains to anything that adds context to the character’s upcoming match. It could involve training in the gym, dealing with personal distractions, or treating an injury from a previous match. Cutting a promo inside the roleplay, referencing the pending match and opponent, or studying videos of opponents to find weaknesses are common ways to score well in this category.

In the end, the focus should always be on the wrestling character and how their life outside the ring affects their performance inside it. These criteria serve as a guide for those roleplaying in HOW, ensuring that the characters are well-rounded and the stories are engaging.

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