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On this day in history…


Tara Michaels-Davidson captured her first and only HOW World Championship when she defeated Mike Best.


Jason P. Davidson would easily retain both of his LSD and ICON championship as he conquered “The Hellcat” Kirsta Lewis.

Jason P. Davidson and Tara Michaels-Davidson better known to the wrestling profession as Ascended Supremacy and tag team specialists capped off of a year that they had dominated when they returned from an absence to High Octane Wrestling. The newly dubbed Royal Couple of Professional Wrestling were unstoppable in 2014.

Jace would return and dubbed himself The Conqueror as he conquered everyone placed in front of him not only in HOW, but other wrestling promotions such as the Boardwalk Wrestling, 4CW, NJFC, and others. It first started when he went undefeated on his return and defeated Ryan McKenna to capture the LSD championship that he would hold for a record 257 days and would openly defend it against anyone because he was that confident, arrogant, or both that no one beat him. He would eventually become a double champion capturing the ICON championship from Kirsta Lewis and defending both titles at the same time because he was that confident until the double championship was split up by Cecilworth Farthington at the next March to Glory.

Tara Michaels-Davidson, a longstanding HOW alum, was always without direction and purpose. She was always in the shadow of her husband, and simply referred to as jace’s wife until 2014 when she would undergo a massive makeover and character change into what became known as the Red Queen. When she emerged as not only the Queen of HOW, but the Queen of Wrestling because like her husband she would also go to other promotions and dominate as well.

2014 will always be remembered as the year Ascended Supremacy….RAPED. PILLAGED. AND CONQUERED! the wrestling world.