High Octane Staff for 2020
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High Octane Staff for 2020

With the new year looming, Lee and the rest of the staff, are hard at work in setting up HOW for a big 2020. The growing pains of coming back after almost a three year layoff will no longer be the excuse for coming up short in several goals that were set for 2019. With that in mind HOWrestling.com, is proud to release the restructured executive team for 2020:

Chief Executive Officer, Lee Best

The founder of High Octane Wrestling has been at the helm of all things High Octane Wrestling since its inception in 2002. Although the % of what he has owned has changed over the years, currently 49%, he is unquestionably the Boss. Lee continues to steer the ship for all things High Octane.

The goal for 2019 was clearly to see where the company stood after each PPV and now that we are we nearing the end of 2019, Lee has decided to rally the troops and move from a short term plan, to one of more substance and long term vision.

With that in mind, Lee has put his money where his mouth is, and has invested heavily into a new website for 2020, secured a three month lease with All State Arena in Rosemont Illinois with an eye towards taking the company on the road heading to March to Glory. Lee has finally decided to throw his “cautious” attitude to the wind.


Chief Operating Officer, Scott Woodson

The Hardcore Artist finally saw all his work behind the scenes rewarded in 2019 as he became 49% owner of High Octane Wrestling. A Hall of Famer, Scottywood has been a staple in HOW since 2008, and is transitioning to a more backstage role in 2020 with his COO appointment.

Scottywood has slowly been groomed by Lee to take on the more day to day operational tasks of HOW during the second half of 2019 and as the New Year begins it will be up to Scott to lead the charges and help keep the Machine running smoothly as we go to weekly shows.

Scott will also be a vital component as it comes to marketing and recruiting for the brand as he continues to head up the HOTv website, a currently underutilized asset to the company as a whole.


Chief Technical Officer, Eric (EI)

Following in the footsteps of the legend of Narcotic, the HOW co founder and Hall of Famer, Eric fully takes over the reigns as the new CTO for 2020. Eric is taking over the integration of a new website for 2020, which will lead HOW into the new decade as once again the unquestioned leader when it comes to its online presence.

With his appointment, Eric will allow Lee and Scotty to work ON High Octane Wrestling, and not IN High Octane Wrestling. By freeing up Lee to go back to what he does best, Eric will help spearhead the company into the new decade with a more focused approach. Something that has been lacking greatly since the restart in mid 2019.

Eric will not be working alone however and will be counting the roster, fans and everyone in the land of High Octane to help bring his visions to life….especially thru testing, implementing, and data migration.


Chief Information Officer, Scott Stevens

One of the most important, but undervalued, positions in the company is the person behind all the data and statistics for High Octane Wrestling and its web sites. With that in mind, Lee is delegating this responsibility fully in 2020, and Scott Stevens will serve as the first ever official CIO of HOW.

The position will be responsible for updating all statistics on all platforms regarding wrestlers and their Win Loss records, as well as the rankings and role-play scores.

Scott will continue to compete, although sparingly, inside a HOW ring in 2020. Now in the later stages of his inring career, it is no doubt a shrewd and LONG overdue move by Lee to finally delegate the duties that Scott Stevens obviously is great at executing at.


Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Lee Best

The SON of GOD has done it all in High Octane Wrestling and with a 2% stake in the company, he has been ALL IN on the brand since talking the Father back into the game in 2019.

A Hall of Famer inside the ring, Michael has shown that he is more than capable behind the scenes as well. Michael, for better or worse, has been the face of the company when it comes to all things social media, and in 2020 this will continue.

But his duties are not tied all to social media, as Michael has shown that his greatest marketing ability is in the merchandise for the wrestlers, staff and everything inside the realm of High Octane. He is the unquestioned leader in the industry when it comes to his graphic designs, and these designs coupled with the new website, will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt….that HOW is the clear cut number one wrestling company in the world.