(He sits facing a teh camera. As the whole picture comes into view, you see him sitting on a pool deck with his feet hanging in a pool. The cool water swirls around him as he lowers himself down onto the deck. The Florida sun beams through and shines on his face. Normally, this would be a calming situation for anyone…but not him. The camera slowly begins to circle him, he has scars like Sabu and Funk on his chest and arms. His forehead and face has scars like Big Dust, Abduallah, and Brody. His body has the muscles that would have put HHH to shame back in his prime. He is not the largest man but he sure is one of the biggest you will come across.)

Kostoff: Well, here it goes again. Another week, another person to deal with. My goal still remains to be the same.\

Kostoff: You’ll see soon enough, but for now…

(He sits up and wipes sweat from his face. He runs a finger over a scar on his face and smiles.)

Kostoff: I think I remember this one.

(He laughs to himself.)

Kostoff: That was not from Solex. Then again, this kid might be good, he might not be. We’ll see om a short span of time won’t we?

(He laughs out loud now.)

Kostoff: Solex, this is on me but I do not know much about you. Does not mean you are not good, but it means you are not good enough for me to pay attention to. Folks may know you, you may be known by baby Best. You may be known by others…but not to me, and that is ok.

Kostoff; You see, because after this week I will know you.I’ll know you in a very intimate way. See Solex, I enjoy these types of matches. They are exciting.

(Getting to his feet, he walks to the edge of the deck and leans against the side of his house.)

Kostoff: Solex, you might be some tuff kid and that is good. I like a good fight. You might know that, you might not. After this week, you sure will know how much I enjoy a good brawl.

Kostoff: Make no mistake, this is going to be a fight that you are going to feel teh after effects for a long time.

(He grins.)

Kostoff: See ya in the ring kid.

(Scene drifts to darkness)​

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