Once the Best

Lindsay Troy

A name synonymous with some of the largest promotions in history. A name that has been associated with many classic matches and feuds. A guaranteed future pro wrestling hall of fame member. Associated with The Best Alliance, a group containing other legendary figures in the world of professional wrestling, each with their own pedigrees that set them apart from most. A group formed of the collectively agreed upon elite. Yes, Lindsay Troy, Jack Harmon, and the others are all bonafide legends.

And that is absolutely why that at Chaos, the self proclaimed Queen of the Ring, shall fall to The First Apostle.

Lindsay Troy, Jack Harmon, and the rest of The Best Alliance are old news. They are has-beens. A group of individuals that at one time set on top of the world as the absolute best, but failed to leave on a high note of their career. Now they are regulated to talking about what they’ve accomplished. Bringing up their greatest moments, and trying to recapture a glory they once had, they do nothing more than continue to set themselves up for disappointment and failure without even realizing it.

The fact they are lucky enough to not be curtain jerking bingo halls at this point in their career and actually get a pay check from High Octane Wrestling is a surprise in itself. Either that, or HOW should take a long hard look at those they employee. Maybe, just maybe, the money could be spent better elsewhere. Growing new talent and making new superstars? Rumor has it the younger ones are the ones to do the grunt work nobody else wants to do like ring set up and tear down, security, and such. Maybe the 49% owner of HOW wouldn’t have to continue to scream about the lack of assistance during set up if he didn’t have the audacity to hire a bunch of over the hill primadonas?

But that’s a different rant for a different day. We’re here to discuss Lindsay Troy and her epic fall from the throne.

Lindsay is sitting around right now, flapping her cock sucker with her buddies about any and everything but the challenge at hand. Instead of getting gangbanged in Club Discord, she should be in the gym fighting her arthurites. Maybe on YouTube cutting some promos against Austin Bishop or Dick Fury. You know, anything but disappearing from public eye as she’s done.

But that’s below her isn’t it? Look at her history, she’s Lindsay Troy! She’s guaranteed to win because… well, there’s no answer honestly. Lets cut the bullshit. She’s just not as good as used to be. She rode that train too long and now she’s sitting where all of those who refuse to leave at the height of their career, sits… thinking the world owes them something and everyone should bow down and kiss their feet because they once did something cool way back when.

Fuck that shit.

There’s a reason that Dick Fury sought out Austin Bishop and not someone like Lindsay Troy to manage. He wanted someone young, someone hungry. Someone who understands that just because you associated with someone who did some great things one and maybe did some stuff yourself, you’re no better than anyone else. That you have to earn the right to call yourself the best, not just rely on being the best one time before.

Case in point. Why is Lindsay Troy number 4 in the World Champion tier of the rankings with two loses and only 6 wins? Is that how little the World Championship really means? She should be fluttering down in the Icon Championship ranks. But no, because Italian broad has a name and rumor has it, a golden tongue, she’s thrust into the top title spot amongst the other collective of those who are there because of who they are and not what they have earned.

That’s fine. Austin Bishop is good with being in the race for Icon Championship contendership. We will ignore the fact he should be booked with others within his tier so he can fairly move up the ranks, but we’ve already established it’s about names here. Even with the cards stacked against him in terms of politics, he is going into Chaos with one thing on his mind.

To take the head clean off the neck of the Queen.

Fuck it, win or lose, politics change or don’t, at the end of the day when The First Apostle has finished with Lindsay Troy she will be carried to the back where she will drop to her knees and pray to the wrestling God’s for forgiveness. Forgiveness for not getting out while she was on top. Forgiveness for using her history to continually secure positions of power. Forgiveness for just being so God damn boring. She will beg to the God’s for mercy as Austin bishop will leave her so dismantled her eyes shall open.

The only problem is that in the grand scope of things… there are no Gods for they have been destoryed.


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