New HOW World Champion Celebrates on Beale Street After the Show

As potential challengers began to line up during Friday Night Chaos and then on Twitter this morning, brand new HOW World Champion Halitosis walked down to Jerry Lee Lewis’s Café and Honky Tonk on Beale Street in Memphis after the show to celebrate his stunning upset win over John Sektor.

HOW backstage interviewer Cassie Walsh also tagged along and reported that the new champion purchased a round of drinks for everyone in the house. He thanked the fans again for sticking behind him.  Halitosis also thanked Lee and Mike Best for giving him a shot, Ray McAvay (former HOW World Champion, 2 time ICON Champion, LSD Champion) and Dawn McGill (former LSD Champion) for convincing Lee and Mike to give him a chance, and his wife Laura Bergman for putting up with the wrestling lifestyle for over eleven years.

Halitosis then stayed around to chat with the patrons inside the bar and listen to the music until closing time was called at five o’clock early Saturday morning.

Walsh also reported that it was McAvay who suggested Halitosis go with the Dragon Sleeper as a finisher while working with him on the move last week.

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